Your bed is WHERE?

I will tell you, i am CRAZY about hidden storage. I have about 3 ottomans with hidden storage, I am in love with storage beds with baskets and compartments… part of it comes from being a pack rat and owning a bunch of random crap – a girl needs to put it all somewhere! If you are ANYTHING like me, you need to check this site out. I will go ahead and say this is some of  THE COOLEST hidden storage furniture  I have ever seen!

“Wow, cool room!  Wait… where do you sleep?”

Honestly, I don’t think its fair to call these beauties murphy beds. These beds are ingenious, perfectly balanced pieces with sometimes 6 different uses to make the best out of any space. Can you imagine one piece of furniture that has your bed, desk, couch and storage ALL IN ONE?!

Please watch this video if you know what is good for you…

Only issue is… you have to request a quote to find out costs. That is NEVER a good sign…

But if you get one, please invite me over!


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