One man’s trash…

I adore going to Goodwill, Salvation Army and multiple other thrift shops a few times a month… i actually try to buy brand new stuff as little as possible. Why buy a new desk when there are PLENTY already made! And theres nothing a little paint cant fix. PLUS its cheaper and *custom made* to fit your needs. So it’s pretty much impossible to drive by GW and not wonder what unwanted crap could be begging to be loved again… so this week it was this!

“bronze” painted decorative mirror! The key with buying stuff like this… forget what color it is – look at shape. ANYTHING can be painted. So i taped off the mirror and went crazy with a can 0 spray paint. I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray paint in Jade.  Reasons to go with spray paint:

1. Easy – multiple thin layers = no drips!

2. Fast – dries incredibly fast

3. Variety – You can even get Outdoor paint, Metallics, Chalkboard paint, Even Magnetic paint!



And i decided to put it up above my vanity!

Considering my usual “tomboy” taste… this definitely puts a feminine touch on my bedroom. And for about 15 bucks! Have you guys found any treasures lately? Let me tell you, this isn’t the only thing I picked up on that trip so another post soon to come!



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