City Wide Garage Sale!

I’ve been going to the Austin City Wide Garage Sale for the last few months and i LOVE it! Some of my favorite finds have been discovered there.. i wanted everything in this booth… isn’t it adorable?

Here’s what i snagged… two awesome ceiling tiles from who knows where (they asked 10 bucks each but got both for 10) and then snagged about 8 records for 5 bucks total!

I have some favorite thrift shops but this is like all the best stuff all brought under the same roof. Now what to do with these funky ceiling tiles…


2 responses

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  2. Hello, just came across your blog and was wondering if you would mind if I use the first picture for an upcoming post I’m doing on city wide. Of course I’d give you credit. I think that booth belongs to Nancy of House Wren Blog. We’ll be this weekend. Thanks, Theresa

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