Girl, put your record on…

As you probably already know from this post I’ve been looking for a record player console table for the last few months and guess what! Found it!

So yesterday i thought it would be a good idea to kidnap my very sick older brother and make him go on a craigslist run with me! Somehow we fit a 60″ long console table into my 2 door Scion TC… pretty sure it was illegal and very dangerous. I had to move the passenger chair all the way up and had my brother (attempt) to drive my manual car while sick. My head was touching the glass of the windshield and the airbag was only a few inches from my face. Of course Justin decided to still drive like a maniac even though a crash would undoubtably result in my untimely death. BUT all of this for a good cause… an amazing fixer upper for only 40 bucks! Here are the pictures from the Craigslist ad (since it was 8pm and dark when we decided to pick it up!)

Don’t let your eyes deceive you, my friends. She’s quite a beaute but she’s also a hot mess! Not only did the speakers FALL OUT while we moved it, im pretty sure none of the equipment is in working condition and I’m not sure if it will ever be. On top of that, it desperately needs to be refinished as well as certain wood pieces replaced. AND my favorite part of the piece, the front wood paneling…. plastic! Yuck! How can i restain it all a different color if that is plastic?! I haven’t completely decided the details but here is the plan of action:

*UPDATE* I’m going to be marking off the steps as i go!

Step 1: Wood

– Strip entire piece (remove varnish)

-sand entire piece

Step 2: Cosmetic

– replace front panels with REAL wood

– build wooden speaker covers like the second image on this post

– (*NEW) Build storage for my records

-(*NEW) Build for new record player – add stability and cut to fit

– Stain – dark walnut?

Step 3: Electronic

-Buy new speakers

-Get a new receiver

-new record player Found a really great one at a Goodwill auction for 20 bucks!

-set up ipod hook up

Step 4: Enjoy!

-Listen to Frankie or Billie on vinyl while eating at the dinner table

-Jam out to Girl Talk on my ipod before going out with the ladies

-Eventually buy a flatscreen panel tv and set everything up through this baby!

Man this is going to be long project!


4 responses

  1. Love this! I can totally see how fabulous it will look all spiffed up. And I laughed when reading about driving with in the back of your tiny car. We’ve hauled all kinds of craiglist goods home tied on the roof rack of the tiniest vehicles. Probably not safe/legal, but very economical! 🙂

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