First (and Probably Last) Snow Day of the Winter!

For all of you up North who’ve had to shovel their driveways, scrape their windshields and deal with layering 50 different things on ALL before you leave in the morning… my deepest condolences. I really don’t know how you do it. Seriously. Well heres some background… I was born in Texas. It really doesnt snow much. Ever. Last winter we had ONE snow day last year. Here is a picture of me playing in the snow 🙂

For those of you that are wondering, that is the mansion (yes… mansion) that i lived in (fo free, what what!) for 6 months. It was incredibly beautiful but I will say I wish they hired me as an interior decorator because YEASH!  (dont tell them i said that!) Oh and this might brighten your day… introducing SHELBY!  As you’ll see… my bog is a delight! A pain in the rear with all of her energy but dang funny to watch try and catch snowflakes! *Warning: This may be adorable overload…

Anyway, back to yesterday – heres a beautiful picture of the snow and the sun going down. This is right off my back porch

The best part about it… today its was about 68 all day. Yea. Thats right… snow yesterday, warm enough to swim today. Dont hate.


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