How much you’d make if you bought Apple stock instead of products…


Thats right! I would have over 100 thou in the bank if back in 2004 i didn’t buy that laptop but bought Apple stock instead!! Heres a few things i could have purchased with that kind of money:

  • one second of a superbowl commercial
  • an Aston Marin V8 Vantage, an Audi R8 or half of a Ferrari F480

  • Travel the world for a year (or three)
  • a cupcake

(note: cupcake is topped with a 5.48-carat diamond ring)

Apple stock is currently 350 a share, which is 40 times more than it was worth only 7 years ago. Student Kyle Conroy estimated cost of certain products and year they were purchased to find out exactly how much money you are out.

Apple Powerbook (2004)  –  $120,251

Apple ipod (2001) – $11,914

Total= $132,165 Ouch. Thats just painful

Check it out over here. The article and images were initially found over at



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