The Deets…

Alright, here it is… the nitty gritty. Down and dirty. The deets. Are you ready? I currently live with my brother, Justin. My older, messy, unorganized, grody, cage-fighting brother. I also live with (currently one) other dude named Shad who happens to also be a messy, grody cage fighter. Supposedly, i might soon be living with three.  At least security will never be an issue here…

This blog is basically my attempt to A. Stay sane. B. Make a space that is my own in a house that isn’t and C. explore my interior decorating/designing girl side in a house full of dudes. Thankfully i bribed Justin to let me have a second room (hes got FIVE bedrooms in this house! plenty to spare : ) So i use the smaller of the two as my bedroom and the larger as a living room/ art studio. I really think this was a brilliant move. Though my bedroom is tiny, it has a walk in closet and it’s really all the space i need to sleep and read.

See what i mean? pretty small… but cozy!  It definitely  needs a ton of work. Notice no baseboards and random paint missing in sections. Also i sleep on a mattress on the floor – it super comfy, but its still just a mattress on the floor. Its a work in progress, people!

And here is my “living room”

I’m very glad i was able to fit my couch in there – i’d hate to see that beauty go into storage, plus it’s a nice getaway from all the testosterone downstairs. That amazing chalkboard wall was actually there before i moved in. Justin offered to pain over it before i moved in – umm, heck no!  The lovely drawings by my darling friends; Riley thought he should show his “mad artistic skills” by drawing the only thing he knows how to draw: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is so talented. Also, the puppy isn’t mine, he is my roomie’s. He does like to see what the heck I am up to all the time which is fun… there should always be more puppies in the world. Heres some cute pictures of him the other morning.

Ok, i hate to post the rest of this – but here is my “art studio.” It is in quotes for a reason. I’ve never had a space just for my art so it’s just kind of all thrown into a corner. I am working on organization and I will post about that soon!

I know. Its awful. A few things to note: A. No, the image isn’t in black and white, its just boring with no color. Sad day. Its a work in progress, people! B. yes, i use an ottoman as my chair. Its horrible. Way too short and just really silly. I feel like a 5 year old trying to see over the top of the desk. C. Decent Ikea desk with almost no space.

So here is the plan: i want to build a new desk. Definitely something brighter and larger. There is just not enough space with this tiny desk and large monitor. So I’ve been drooling over this sucker:

It would definitely bring in more space, storage and really brighten up the area. Plus the plans are FREE online here. Thanks Ana : ) Once i have a larger desk – i am in serious need of a chair. I LOVE the chairs used by Jen of Made by Girl.

The great thing is they are on Overstock for a measly $187.99 and shipping is only 2 bones! Crazy! Much cheaper than even buying them locally and they have great reviews for comfort and quality. Most likely going to be a purchase in the near future! Ok, scroll down at your own risk… this is where i keep all of my art supplies.

Ahhh, i know right? Scary! Anyway, the room has 2 great closets that are perfect for storage but the one on the right is in desperate need of a coat (or 7) of paint and well, i just really need some sort of organized system. I recently bought a few things from ikea: those white storage boxes and the metal storage on the wall. I think that was step one in about 20 but I’m definitely excited to see how this space evolves. I am going to post room by room soon to give you a better picture of the space and really explain the way i plan on approaching these (many) tasks ahead!



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