Etsy Rocks!

See what i did there? Yea, I’m cleaver. Anyway, so here is a fun etsy find! I’m fascinated with jewelry design… and rocks. I blame my parents for bringing me to the Austin Gem and Mineral show every year. Anyway, with metal jewelry design, its like welding but miniature. At least in my head.

LauraTreloar of Elseetee2 has some of the most unique jewelry I’ve seen in a while including pieces of glass that date back to 100 BC and even dino bones! yea… truth. 

That is one intense ring. It would definitely do some damage if anyone tried to mess with you.

Theres just something unique about the rocks in their raw form. You definitely dont see a lot of that anymore.

This piece is ancient Roman glass dating back to 100 bc! Pretty incredible.

But here, kids, is the best part: Dino bones!

Thats right- we’ve got Mastodon Ivory, dino bones and my personal favorite; Fossilized Mosasaur Tooth. Now what classy lady wouldn’t want to have this guy’s pearly whites around her neck?

Yea… he’s practically dominating Jaws. That takes talent to make a 30 ft great white look more like a pansy dolphin.

Wow, talk about a tangent. Till next time!


Photographs by Laura Treloar of  Elseetee2. Bottom photo from National Geographic Magazine.


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