First Painting: Sold! (kind of…)

So i love to paint. I’m not super great at it because its really more the relaxation of it for me. Usually i paint something 20 times over before i ever actually like what comes out of it. Like this red painting:

I just started to paint it just because i felt like painting. Not crazy about it, but i don’t hate it. This one (the map painting on the right)  i LOVE:

Would you even consider a piece with only 2 colors a painting? Well, this next sucker, i can say i am proud of. In fact, its the first piece i sold! Well… could have, I had a “buyer” offer some lovely cash for it. BUT of course, i gave it away. What can i say? She was my best friend and graduating from college… OF COURSE i have to give her an awesome graduation present (for the record, i only say my painting was an awesome present because she was nuts-o about it). Still, the fact that i had a buyer willing to put down the cash… in my head, i sold my first painting!

Here is some good textcha fo ya…

Want some crazy awesome news? This weekend Michael’s was having their 50% off canvas sale..  PLUS i got the hook up to an ADDITIONAL %25 off coupon (that counts even with sales!) So i got 75% off of 3 massive canvases…. soooo i assume there will be lots of painting in my near future!



6 responses

  1. wow. loving this piece! the texture is amazing.

    i’ve dabbled in painting (i say that very very lightly), and it is such great relaxation! i’m going to have to pick up a paintbrush again soon.

    • thanks! yea, I’m definitely a texture girl… if it doesnt have texture, why add it to the wall?

      My theory is… just layer layer layer till you love it. or just repaint it all white and start again. I agree… very therapeutic!

  2. It is a beautiful, beautiful piece. Absolutely stunning, and something I love to look at over and over. That’s right… it’s hanging in my bedroom. 😉 Rachel is a phenomenal artist (the fact that she is my best friend does no bias me. I promise)!

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