25 or 6 to 4

Headed over to Goodwill a few weeks ago to see what treasures i could find and saw this…

HUNDREDS of records for my record player! Woot! I seriously sat on that floor for probably an hour going through each and every record on the shelf. Let me tell you- i found some WEIRD records! Heres some of my favorites for you:

Elvis Presley lookin super awkward…

Beer Barrel Polka. Why i didn’t actually purchase this, i have no idea.

This guy is probably my favorite. Mariachi Christmas. I love the quote on the top “Take the festive sprit of the Christmas season, spice well with the merry mariachi sounds & you have a wassail bowl full of the happiest holiday music ever!” Consider me sold. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate Christ’s birth with this sombrero-wearing and fake mustache-sporting talented musician?!

Eventually made it to the end and came back with some Frankie, Dean Martin and the one i was most excited to come across; Chicago. I’m a sucker for 70s rock… and who doesn’t love  “25 or 6 to 4” ?!

Hope you have a lovely monday!



One response

  1. Gotta love a good old rummage around a second hand store for vinyl. You never know what gems you’re going to find to add to the collection! I have a weak spot for the 7″ singles. Oh and you should have bought that Mariachi album, haha!

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