How to recycle an old door

Have any old doors lying around? For some reason people have been throwing them at me lately (not literally) but Kennys folks had about three, my brother had 2 and some coworkers even tried to give me some old doors. I suppose one is enough for now! Ana White has multiple projects that include using hollow core doors so i thought i’d try it! And from a recent post here you know that I’ve been on the search for a new computer desk. So i decided to recycle this old yucky door into a new pretty desk!

First step was to cut that sucker down.  A full length door would be better used for a dining table (which I’ve seen done!) But considering i have no need currently for a dining table… here we go. The trick with this is to score the wood first so it doesn’t fray. A circular saw is definitely the way to go. If you don’t have any tools, you can always borrow them from a neighbor or you can just rent them from home improvement stores. Since cutting the door in half weakens the door on the cut side, your best bet is to find a piece of wood to fit and clue and nail her in there. I plan on putting this desk through a lot so the best bet it to make her a sturdy and stable as possible.

Step two: find a piece of scrap wood to fit and glue. Step three: wedge the glue covered wood into the space. And last, staple gun that sucker in there just incase!

Then I used Patch n paint spackling to fill the small holes and then a more heavy duty hole filler for the hinges. I decided to leave the hole for the door knob and use it to hide all of my computer cables.

The next step: legs! Incase you don’t remember, here is the basic table idea that i was trying to duplicate:

This design is from West Elm and you can take a look here. Mine is a lot wider and deeper so I had to make adjustments to the depth and width of the legs so they fit to the door. Instead of an in depth step by step, heres the overview:

Heres the skinny:

A. Select wood – since I was workin at Mr. H’s shop, he had tons of scraps which made this entire project Free!

B. Slightly panic as Mr. H shows me how to use a table saw. *Let me explain. I’m down with power tools. They pretty much excite me. But that thing is just scary… especially for someone clumsy like me! Two power tools i will (hopefully) never use: Table saw & chain saw.

C. View of Mr. H severing a limb cutting the wood

D&E. Sanding all the sharp edges

F&G: Let me introduce you to the BRILLIANT invention of Biscuits!

H: We used a biscuit joint cutter to cut slits in all the wood. Instead of using expensive screws or a Kreg Jig that takes ages to predrill all the holes, you easily cut slits in the wood then a biscuit and some glue. It makes incredibly strong joints and saves cash in the long run.

i: After the biscuits were glued and inserted in the joints, the wood was completely solid.

j: Here i measured furring strips to make cleaner edges and cover the plywood edges

k: I may have gone clamp crazy. since using nothing but glue, you gotta make sure theres no gaps!

l: Next i nailed the furring strips in place (this actually came before K but who is judging?!)

m: used more of the spackling for filler on the edges.

Next steps: sanding the filler, painting and putting the whole thing together! *Hopefully* soon!



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