Orchid you not!

Did anyone notice my new buddy in my office?

If the title wasn’t hint enough, it is my oh so pretty orchid!

First off, I have to admit i have a history of killing easy to care for plants. It might be a curse. A few years ago, i planted a bulb of stargazer lilies at my apartment (oh how i adore some lilies!) And after months of caring for it, i FINALLY got a bud! I was super excited and watched it every day to wait for it to grow and finally bloom. It was about 80% open when my dog’s tail smacked the crap out of it and sent my beautiful lily flying across the porch and slamming into the wall. It was so destroyed i couldnt even admire it unattached from the stem. It was mush.

After that, a friend bought me a plant for my office that was deemed “the most impossible to kill”. The thing was completely dead in a month.

Well! I’m at a new stage in my life and determined to get rid of my “black thumb”. Ok, one thing everyone MUST know is that if you are going to buy plants – go to Home Depot. No, I’m not sponsored but their return policy is ridiculous! They basically have a life time warranty so even if you run it over with your car, just bring that sucker in with a receipt and they will reimburse you. I’m really not joking – try it out. Anyway, i went in last week to bring a little life to my place and found the orchid, two modern simple vases and a leafy plant (no clue what its actually called) all for 20 bucks! Considering everywhere else I went charged at least 15 for just an orchid, I’d say thats a super awesome deal.

 Check out those sweet, simple and colorful vases they came with!
For now, this lil guy is going to chill on my living room ottoman. By the way, how to on that spiffy DIY tray posted soon!

So feel free to be jealous of my beautiful plant life and improved oxygen flow… or go out and get one for yourself!

Who wants to put in bets on how long these guys stay alive? I’m determined, mind you. My vote is that they will never ever die or be unhealthy. I can 100% guarantee that is not at all accurate but i can dream, can’t i?

*UPDATE: All plants are dead or dying. of course. 


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