Media Change

So I broke the news a few weeks ago that I officially quit my job and am going full time freelance… that was true to an extent… but i am officially “hired” to work with Watermelon Ministries and the Media Change Campaign! I put together a little overview of what we do and what non profits we will be working with so read below! Also, if you want updates on the specific projects I will be working on, head over to for weekly deets on photography and graphic design!

If the text is too small, click on the images or drag them to your desktop to better read them. If you’re too lazy, here is the quick summary:

Americans spend $1 Trillion annually on entertainment while only $190 Billion annually wold END WORLD HUNGER! and $10 Billion annually would cure global thirst. Our goal is to shift priorities. Shift ideas about Media and what is important. Media Change uses graphic design, web design, video, photography and social media to help non profits all over the world increase donations and attention. I am heading up the Austin Branch of Media Change and am fundraising for equipment and monthly funding. If you are interested, go to to read about the parent non profit, Watermelon Ministries. Hopefully we will get the Media Change website up and running soon! If you would like to donate, go to and donate with “Austin Branch” in the memo!

I am beyond excited to be using the gifts I’ve been given to support amazing non profits and elevate poverty!



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