Pin it to win it

If you have yet to find out the amazingness that is Pinterest, you are missing out. Its a lot like Tumble but better – it throws everything into galleries and you can drool all over later. I used to gather tons of images i was crazy about and download them to my ocmputer into files and folders… it ended up being 20+ gigs of just random images! The worst part is theres no way to find out where they came from! Pinterest is different – you can track down exactly what blog, artist or website the image originally came from. I have been getting so inspired so check out some of the Home inspiration thats been Pinned:

LOVE this chair – nothing is better then a bold POP of yellow… and everyone loves some chevron these days…

I adore absolutely everything about this room… the bedding, the rug, the art – everything….

Man, i definitely have had a theme lately… i just cant get over pops of yellow!

Seriously, if you havent checked out pinterest yet, you’re missing out. I’m pretty sure im on there about 12 times a day…



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