Huge news! Drumroll please…..

…. I’m engaged! Yup, true story! (side note: On April 1st we fooled some people into thinking we were engaged so most people didn’t believe me at first!) We are beyond excited and only have a few months to plan so this shall be interesting… especially because i have no clue whatsoever how to plan a wedding.

Second huge news….. (check out this adorbs picture of me and my fiancé to add to the dramatic pause)

(Isn’t he super cute?!)

We are getting a house! What what! (well, hopefully…) We find out soon what kind of loan we could get and then on from there. Neither of us have owned homes and neither of us know what the crap we are doing with home searches, mortgages or anything buying related… but it’s looking like its a huge possibility and I can’t wait to find a fun fixer upper!

So basically this blog officially went from boring-decorating-only-two-rooms-in-my-brothers-sicknasty-house to wedding/home buying extravaganza! Sounds much more exciting, huh?! I thought it would be fun to “document” the entire process (like i dont have enough on my plate, i think the best option is to write about it as well) The way i see it is organizing my thoughts in blog form.

So here we go with planning a wedding, buying a house, moving in all before November…. oh snap…


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