Oh snap…

…. no one told me that wedding planning was so difficult! Venues, flowers, colors, dresses… gosh i have no clue what I’m doing. So far what I have picked out is… wait for it…. wait for it…. nothing. Yea, nothing. Theres just so many choices for everything! And oh man, for an incredibly indecisive couple like us, this is going to get crazy. Sidenote: I’ve had the hiccups for like an hour. Funny like the first hiccup or two but now im about to kill someone. (can we say wedding planning stress or what?!)

Anyway, i thought i would just throw out some of my fav wedding inspiration. Theres a lot out there, folks. Especially on pinterest. That site is just mean… i could be on there for 12 hours straight and still wonder what new pins are up…  So without further adieu… wedding stuff!! yaaaay!

First off, what is THE most important thing about a wedding? the dress? no.. the whole “marriage” thing? nope… its aaaaaall about the cake. Thats what everyone goes to weddings for, lets be honest, people. So how ridiculously amazing is this? A PAINTED cake? Umm, yes please!

Ok, lets talk flowers. Seriously, two K for some flowers? seriously? they just grab a bunch of them and throw ribbon around them… thats it. And they get 2 grand. Whateve… how about some door knobs instead?

Bam! Doorknob bouquet. Maybe 20 bucks total… lasts a lot longer and is all around awesome. Now, i know what you’re thinking. “Rachel, you are going to have the coolest wedding of all time. Painted cakes and doorknob bouquets… ” Its true. I’m awesome. But i will be honest… i went into this thinking i was going to be as far away from traditional as humanly possible. But the more i get into this stuff… dang, I’m kind of cheesy. No, i dont want my fiance seeing me before the wedding. Yes, I want the good ol scripture readings to take place. And well… I’ve been gettin all gitty about the details.. yea, for serious. Went out dress shopping and man, i got excited! Who knew?! I actually fell in love with the first dress i saw in the first boutique i went into. Oh, dont worry, i went into about 17 more stores after that and tried on 638 different dresses… but yup, still love that first dress. Kind of want to wear it all the time. Good sign i think?! Anyway, I’m obviously not going to post the dress I want incase my snoopy fiance decides to read this and get a sneak peek before he’s allowed so I will leave you with just some fun dress + accessory awesomeness.

Super cute, huh? I will not disclose if mine is at all the same as this one (which its not) but this is one I definitely love. Except I can only find it on ebay… and that just makes me Uber nervous. Any of you brides make a wedding dress purchase on ebay?!?

So definitely with a dress like that you’re going to need statement shoes.

Go big or go home. I am definitely going to wear some super tall heels. Hey, my fiance is 6’1, if i dont, i look teeny tiny and have to get on my tippy toes to kiss him. Plus 1″ heels are super lame. Sidenote #2: It may not be a good idea to post on my blog at 1am. I tend to say rather silly things and could possibly offend people (like those of you that spend 2,000 on flowers and wore 1″ heels) My bad.

Ok, moving on. Veil: the only way i think i would wear a veil is A. if its rad and like the picture below and B. if i had a simple dress without a ton of crap on it. (i.e. glitter, flower pouf thingies, ribbons, etc. etc. etc.) Ok wait, on that note, im going to vent again…  of those 638 dresses i tried on… SO many of them were just plastered with that stuff! I mean how hard should it be to find a simple dress? I was about to just run to JC Penny to pick up a dress that didn’t have glitter caked on it. (dont worry folks, i didnt)

So yea, i like this but maybe not the whole crazy feather thing. Thats a little much. By the way, incase any of you were wondering… yes, I am still hiccuping. I feel like I’m about to pass out.

Alright, receptiony things… apparently i love peonies. Everything about these pictures i absolutely adore…

Oh heres another good one… this is a super cute outdoor reception:

Love love those chairs and pillows! so dang cute.

Hold up…  this is just gettin crazy. This blog went from how to build your own furniture  – using power tools, how to stain… and now we are at high heels, flowers and dresses. The femininity of this blog jumped up 57 notches post engagement. I just need to go build something…



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