Eyepatches and Wedding Dresses…

I have multiple requests for more late night postings. Its seriously a bad idea, but I’ve got to make my readers happy! I just get in this weird stage before im asleep but after I’m tired when I start to say super silly things and i either make no sense or decide not to use a filter on my thoughts that most people should use.

So I’ve got 82 days to go until the big day. Man, things are getting fun! Today i went with the fiancé to have him try on suits and then go and register. First off, let me say my man is a stud. He’s a hunk all the time but throw him in a suit and dang… 82 days it way too long. I know what everything is thinking… you all want to see how studly he really is in a suit and well, heck why not…. He might kill me but thats ok. He doesn’t even like me talking about him on the ol blog so this is only the second time I posted a picture of him on here. The first time was when he was helping me strip the finish off of my console table rebuild here. And, no, I’m STILL not finished with that thing. Let me say though, i WAS going to work on it a few sundays ago but then my boyfriend went and proposed and threw all my plans off. No, I’m really not complaining.

Second, i am only showing you this photo for 2 reasons; 1. This isn’t the suit he picked so it doesn’t really count  2. posting pictures of my hunk will bring in more views. Just kidding. But seriously.

I mean does he look like Sean Connery in To Russia, with Love or what?!

Next we went to register! Ok, so rant time. I am so lost in all of the “requirements”, “rules” and “etiquette” of weddings. I’ve been to plenty but I’ve never planned one and i didn’t realize how many  small silly details you have to do for etiquette. I’m pretty sure if a professional wedding planner came to my wedding they might pass out from all the traditions we will be breaking and wedding “no nos” we will most likely commit. Like posting every detail of your plans BEFORE the wedding actually occurs… i might lose the element of surprise a little bit but hey… its my wedding! i can do what i want.

Sidenote (because 3am postings are always pointless without them): Ok, i love dogs (this is a super side note since it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with anything im talking about) so yea, dogs. Love em. Aaaalso allergic to them. Some more than others. Maggie is on the “more than others” side.

So pretty dang allergic but look at that face! Way too cute not to love! So i decided that it would be a good idea to wrestle with her… play fighting with puppies always puts me in a better mood. But now I have been sneezing and rubbing my eyes for the last hour. And i thought i had something in my eye but my actual eye is swollen. And now its almost swollen shut… so basically I’m typing this while sneezing and with only one eye. I sacrifice for my readers, fo sho.

Ok so registering… i just dont get it. I do but i dont. We felt super weird to put a “christmas” list together of all the stuff we wanted. But hey, if people wants to give us awesome stuff on top of the fact that i get to marry an awesome dude, bring it on.  Maybe i should register for an eye patch. Other side note: did you know pirates usually wore eye patches not because they were missing an eye but because they would see better in the dark? True story. Did you also know that when you register at stores they give you free stuff? Crate and Barrel gave us a free vase! We decided we should go back 20+ times under different aliases and costumes to get enough vases to use as centerpieces. Genius? I think so.

Kenny claimed the “gun” and had fun scanning random stuff like a mango peeler. Really though, i get it. A lot of people have no clue what we need and they want the gifts to actually be useful so registering gives them a good idea of what we really need in our “new lives together”. I definitely think getting an ipad will improve our marriage… yes, i really put an ipad 2 on one of the registries and no, i dont really think material possessions will improve our lives together. It might just improve my blogging though.

Oh man, i almost forgot… Kenny has officially accidentally seen me in a wedding dress! I was warned about taking pictures of the dresses as i tried them on and he might accidentally see them on my phone or computer but i didnt think it would actually happen. Today, i was uploading the suit pictures off of Kenny’s phone onto my computer and i wasn’t looking when he pointed at the screen (thankfully while looking away) and said “umm… Rachel…” It took me a second to figure out what he was talking about but then i saw the screen i had 4 different shots just sitting there full size on the screen. Well, crap.

And of course one of the dresses on there was maybe one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever seen. Easily one of the ugliest I’ve ever worn… the lady at the boutique thought it would look good on me and well, I’m honestly tempted to post the picture because what the heck was she thinking? or the designer? or anyone who would have bought it? Ok, I’m posting it… Kenny has seen it anyway, right?

I’m sorry if you’re reading this and it was your wedding dress… but man i didnt like that one bit. I think I was smiling because it was either sick nasty or some family members were making sly remarks. The fabric was super soft but that was the only thing going for it. I will tell you, there were worse… much worse. But just seeing it on made me laugh. Man, this has to be a 3am post for me to A. post a picture of me in a wedding dress before my wedding and B. post a picture of me in a horribly ugly wedding dress at all. ever. Well at least when everyone sees me the day of they might sigh a bit of relief that I’m not in this bed sheet getup. Sidenote #7: my eye has completely swollen shut. Maybe thats my body telling me to go to bed. Until next 3am post, gnight!



3 responses

  1. Bahahaha. A late night email AND blog! I was just thinking tonight- I think I like people better once they’ve hit delirium… We all get a little crazy and the truth comes out. Hmm, that sounds like what happens when people get drunk… oh well.

    Not that I didn’t like you in the daytime too…… 🙂

    Ok bedtime. I’ll respond to email after some rest. My delirium is less funny and more incoherent than yours! I’ll spare you this time. And good luck with that eye…

  2. Adisyn- maybe that should be one of my weekly posts “Delirium at 3am”…. Sounds catchy! But really for the next year you’ll be able to read it before anyone else since it will be what? 3pm for you over there?!

    Michele – saw that the other day! So so cute!

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