16¢ Coasters

So since this ISN’T a wedding blog but instead a DESIGN/DIY blog.. how about some design, shall we? As you know, my obsession love for pinterest gets stronger by the day. So heres a simple project I’ve been wanting to tackle for a while that is cheap and adorbs. By cheap i mean 16 cents. I tried to find the little icon for cents with a C and the line through it, but it doesnt exist on my computer. Because projects whos price total price tag in the cents category really doesnt exist. Except this one. COASTERS!!

I have been either A. ruining all my wooden furniture with rings or B. been using odd objects such as DVD cases or old paint chips as “coasters” which are rather unattractive and usually would end up causing more harm than good. Plus who on earth wants to spend 20 bucks on some coasters?! How about 64¢ total. (yea, i found the cent sign. What up now?) Anyway, so check it… buy how ever many tiles you want – i decided just 4 for now – dont need to get too coaster crazy just yet… I found mine at ol Home Depot though I’m sure they are just as cheap almost anywhere.

You will need: 16¢ tiles

I really dont think it was necessary to photograph tiles…. I’m pretty sure you guys know what 4×4 white tiles look like….

Mod Podge


Try and get some nice paper in the same color theme… aren’t these so great?! Love em…

Step one:

Cut out paper to desired size. Either you can cut a square smaller than the actual tile and center it or cut the paper larger and cover all the edges with paper as well. The top photograph shows what it would look like leaving the sides white. I opted to try out covering the edges as well and it turned out pretty awesome.

Step dos:

Glue the paper on. Do i really need to do all the steps? Pretty sure you can figure those out on you own… but i’ve already started and the steps look so professional all typed out like that…

To avoid bubbles its a good idea to let them set with something heavy on them. I decided to throw on my pretty new hurricanes to have them all dry flat.

Step three:

Once the glue was dry i started to glue the edges. I used a utility knife to trim the edges since scissors just wouldn’t cut it. Bad pun? Yea i thought so… anyway, honestly i just held the edges on till they stuck. No real science there.

Don’t you guys just hate using double sided paper for stuff like this? Always feel like I’m wasting a good side of paper… oh well! So i guess if your impatient you could just wrap a rubber band around them to keep the edges glued down but it really didn’t take more than a minute for it to set. I repeated to all the edges for a nice smooth edge.

Step Four:

Felt feets! I had left over felt so instead of buying felt pads i jut cut out lil feet.. they arent perfect but thats part of the beauty of DIY….

Step Five:

Mod Podge the tops. I did a few layers since my cups tend to get super condensation and i would hate for the paper to get ruined from not being completely covered. By the way, did anyone else think it was “Modge Podge”? Just me? Ok… hmm…

Last step:

Spray with a coat of clear spray paint. Mod Podge tends to get sticky and might cling on to your cups and not want to let go. So just do it… trust me, it works. And voila! You have some unique one-of-a-kind-make-your-friends-jealous coasters! Now you can drink all day! Drink at work, drink at home, drink drink drink! You can drink in the car, you can drink in the shower… Who knew!? Oh the possibilities!

Whelp! I’m going to go have a drink with my spiffy new coasters! *Note: when i refer to drinking, know that i mean water. Oh come on… I’m a bride to be… i’ve gotta get into hot bride shape! Can’t do that drinking Duffys. Yes thats a Simpsons reference. Off to plan more wedding stuff. Hooray!



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  1. Cute project! And it seems easy enough to do with the kiddos, too! I find it somewhat sad that your generation doesn’t know how to use the cent symbol. Tells you what inflation has done. It would be 16¢, with the symbol after the amount, not ¢16. Not your fault, though. Clearly in the 90’s and 00’s there was no need to use it that much. I had to type in Alt 0162 to get the cents symbol!

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