$13,000 for hors d’oeuvres?!

I have officially realized that everyone needs to quit their day job and just work weddings. There is a RIDICULOUS amount of money in them. I always knew there was a lot but dang! So first off, let me tell you that i have a wedding planner. Pretty much a must unless you  have no job and really nothing else to do but plan a wedding…t this is definitely a full time job! My wedding planner is the bomb dot com. She takes away any stress, makes me laugh and reminds me daily that weddings are supposed to be FUN! Who knew, right? Anyway, so we’ve decided to go fairly inexpensive on the food side of the budget. Sorry if you’re coming… no lobster for you! We just have a lot of other places are bigger priorities – like the photographer – seriously, unless i had someone fabulous, I know i would be correcting them the whole time, telling them what to do and stressing that they will just mess everything up.

So the plan was to have lots of fun hors d’oeuvres! Check these guys out:

Why hello there, Tiramisu shot glasses…

Mini tacos? I just died…

Oh my goodness, how cute is this table? Love it!

So you’d think serving up fun little foods would be delish and not too much $$$. Umm, wrong. Apparently it’s about half the budget! Forget that. You guys are getting peanuts.


*As always, click on images for original sources!


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