DIY: Earring holder!

For most of my life i either A. had my jewelry in a tangled mess in a drawer somewhere or B. had it in some Claire’s earring holder that was in the shape of a cat or something hideously cheesy or slightly creepy. Well those days are gone! I introduce you to the beautiful, mature-like earring holder:

Yea i know! So sweet! I was inspired by this guy i found on pinterest:

I was unable to find that exact sheet metal but it was pretty close. Mine is wider and more of a beige color. I’ve thought about maybe pray painting it silver because i just love the look of the guy above, but for now, I’m beyond happy with it!  I love the black frame i found at Joanne’s for half off – its not super simple but not overly ornate either.

By the way, i went to multiple different hardware stores to find sheet metal like that with no success. It wasn’t until i went online and searched around to find it. Also be careful because the stuff i bought online looked identical to what is pictured above but obviously it wasn’t! I’m ok with it anyway but just be aware that with online shopping you never know what you’re going to get!

Step One:

I used the back of the frame to trace where i should cut on the metal (A&B) and started to cut! (C). I would highly suggest using gloves so that you don’t cut yourself. i didn’t because i have super human regenerating capabilities but for you, it might be a good idea.

In the last shot, you can see how perfectly it fit! It ended up maybe taking 10 minutes to cut everything out and then glue it in to place with some industrial strength glue, E-6000. I’m sure really any glue will work but i just had some left over from another project. Once it dried, voila! Perfect earring holder!

Still havent decided where to put it since I am still in the middle of arranging the new digs… but i will post soon and show where I decided to put it!



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  2. It was REALLY easy to do and i LOVE how it turned out. Still holding up great! I actually got it online off the Home Depot website. I went to HD & Lowes in person and when i tried to describe it, they really thought i was crazy. Anyway, i searched for “decorative sheet metal” online and found a ton. Hope that helps!

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