The new digs…

Oh how i love thee, new apartment! Your cleanliness, your large kitchen and lovely smelling bathroom! I wish to never part from thee… at least till my lease is up.

Guys – seriously… i cannot tell you how much I’ve ADORED my new place! I have never enjoyed privacy and a space more… ok heres some pictures from when i was getting the tour and i snapped some pictures with my crapphone.

This is our living room:

Dont you just LOVE those windows!?

Living room/ “dining room”

Here is the “dining room”

The reason why “dining room” is in quotes is because this is actually going to be my office!  I am super excited… beautiful view out the window every morning? yes please!

Here is the view off the porch:

And the kitchen:

I love everything about this kitchen… the window, the wine rack, the large pantry, the bar… i’ve been cookin like crazy since i moved in!

The Bathroom:

And notice the large garden tub? yea… to die for. 

And last, The Bedroom:

And yes, that is a SECOND porch right off the bedroom. Oh. Snap.

And of course a large walk in closet that could fit maybe 50 people in.

So there you have it! The new digs! I will put up post-move-in shenanigan updates really soon!


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