Paintings – for the floor

Im really digging bright rugs these days. Especially in an apartment where you cant paint the walls, the best way to throw a gallon of color into a room: rugs!

This anthro rug is one of my favs… so bright! But at 400 bucks for a 5 X 7 rug, its definitely not in this broke artists budget.

This bright yellow West Elm rug has such a fun intricate pattern.. at 200 bucks for a 5 X 8, its more reasonable but still out of my price range.

So what about this beauty from ikea?

Oh man… those colors and patters! So gorge…. wait a sec… nope. This one is fugly. But at 39.99 bucks thats MUCH more in my price range! Especially as a dog owner, its much easier to spend 40 bucks on a rug rather than 400! But then again youre stuck with an ugly white boring rug. Unless you throw some paint on it like these guys:


After:Oh yea… thats the same $40 ikea blah rug… dont you love it?! Check out what Bird House Blog did here. Want some more eye candy? Try this one out:

Oh yea… same rug! Crazy right? Check out the step by step how to on her blog right here.

Man… so anyone in Austin want to make a trip out to Ikea with me to pick one up and get to painting!? Love it!



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