The Burning House

The fires that burned down 1500+ homes in Bastrop have been mostly contained.

You can find the photo source here.

My mother is a counselor, a nurse and incredibly compassionate. So of course she was one of the few people allowed in the burn area to help victims. She has seen a lot of pain after working in Shoal Creek, Austins main psych ward for many years but this was awful. She would drive the families to where they would pray their home would still be. They would drive up to a lot where there was nothing left but charcoal. One family had a trailer that melted in on itself. One of the homes she went to, she was asked to go check in the backyard for a beloved dog to see if he had made it. She wouldn’t even explain to me what was left.

All of this definitely left me remembering Matt 6:20. Do not store up your treasures on earth where fire destroys and theives break in and steal. But instead store up your treasures in heaven. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

When people would talk about what they wished they didn’t lose, it usually had nothing to do with value. It was a gift a friend gave them, a good book, an old picture, a favorite pair of shoes. Most items didnt hold any real value.

I recently stumbled upon a website called The Burning House, where people submit their “burning house” items -the items that they would take with them if their house was on fire. Its really interesting to look through these photographs and see what people value. Some are practical, some are valuable and some are sentimental.” What you would take reflects your interest, background and priorities.”

Good thing this teacher decided to save her beloved bunny!

If I had a Hasselblad, I’d save it too:

This next one was a husband and a wife duo. It was cute because they said ” we would both be carrying an end of the record player”If i have the time, I think I’m going to go through everything and decide what would make it out with me if I had the chance to save a few items. I think after the wedding, there might be a few more mementos that would be important for me to grab!

What would you save? What are priorities in your home?


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