How Pinterest Planned my Wedding

First off, let the record be know that Pinterest didn’t actually PLAN my wedding. A lovely wedding planner/kick a** friend named Ashley did. Pinterest didnt put in time, blood and lots of sweat like she did (no really, she was injured and bled multiple times, one from trekking through the forrest in high heels). With that said… here is how Pinterest inspired almost every element of my wedding.

Step One:

Make a Pinterest account

Step Two:

Make a Wedding Inspiration board

Mine is called “Tyin the Knot” with dozens of pictures of dresses, invitations, cakes, veils, photos, etc.

Step Three:

Post every photo of everything that you love or are inspired by on the board. Voila! Wedding planned!

For example… here is the inspiration for my dress:

And heres my dress!

From that first picture i realized how much i LOVE tea length dresses and sweetheart necklines. Before the wedding i knew ZERO about wedding dresses but it didnt matter. I saw a picture i loved and the FIRST dress at the FIRST boutique i went to was perfectly me. ( i went to maybe 12 other shops after that at the request of friends/family)

And how about the cake? Found this cake and loved the simplicity of it. Also the dimensions – having three different smaller cakes added a fun dimension to it. Throw on some of your flowers and voila!

I havent received all the photos back yet from the photographer but heres one side shot of the cakes!

Even the color palate was inspired by pinterest. Actually i’ll go ahead and say it was stolen. Heres the “inspiration” photo…

And here is the color palate that i sent to everyone:

So yea, lets go ahead and say it didnt inspire the color palate. It provided it.

And one of my favorites? The flowers… Chelsea Moon did all the flowers all while she was in LA! She flew in 2 days before the wedding to set everything up and she also sang at the wedding! If you need flowers, i HIGHLY recommend her! Also, get on itunes and buy her album “Chelsea Moon and Uncle Daddy” Hymn Project, Vol. 1  and shes in the process of recording an all new album to be out soon! Check out her website for more info.

Anyway, so heres some Pinterest inspiration shots of flowers that i just loved:

 I loved the huge roses with dozens of petals mixed with the blue spiky flowers and other unique plants

I’m obsessed with this arrangement. It has the same blue spiky flowers but with a fun pop of color!

Ignore the bad facebook photo but heres one of the beautiful funky bouquets:

It really couldnt have been more perfect or more me.

It just ended up being a fun, relaxed wedding that couldn’t have been more perfect. If you live in Austin and need any recommendations on a caterer, florist, music, photographer, invitations, programs – anything… they were all AMAZING. That was one of the easiest parts of the wedding… If you hire people that are fun and professional.. theres nothing to stress about. They will all do their job at the best of their ability.

And of course, i need to send out my thanks to pinterest for inspiring every aspect of my wedding. And dont worry, ill get into more details.. photos should be in in the next week or two so i can post more about the behind the scenes details!



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