Apartment update

So if anyone has been in my apartment recently knows this whole post is a lie. My apartment doesnt currently look like this… i took these shots before the wedding and because of all the chaos hadn’t had a chance to post them. I’ll have an update with the post wedding stuff… but until then, heres an update of the apartment!



Check it out! My lil plant is still alive! I definitely killed the orchid… but hey, 50% plant survival rate is pretty good, i think.


yea i know… its sad. We have two awesome bar chairs… that are WAY too short for the bar. Its actually pretty funny when friends come over and sit there with only the tops of their heads and eyes peering into the kitchen. Why is this our entire dining room? Because of this:


This is where “normal” people would put their dining room. Oh come on, priorities, people! Since i work from home and basically live in this corner… we decided it was completely fine to take up usual dining space that we would use maybe once a week to a full time office. I’ve actually been considering turning it into both… throw in a large dining table and make that a functional dual space… but we will see! Kenny’s dad is building (hopefully with my help!) a large dining table but that wont be for a few months. So until then, i get to work with the beautiful view of the trees. Not bad… but pretty distracting when youre trying to build a website. Anyway, check out my door to desk post on how i build my computer desk out of a door!

See the door to the left? Thats the porch!


It has the lovely outdoor sectional that is still in desperate need of back cushions! Pretty much desperately. I’ve definitely been pretty distracted the last few months but im hoping to buy some new fabric for cushions and make maybe 6 large cushions (like the two already on there) but have them actually be weather ready. The two on there are definitely not for outdoor use. It rained the other day and they were SOAKED… aka, sick nasty. Anyway, i hope to make those soon along with curtains for the office and livingroom.


Can we say cramped? This space has had a LOT of changes since i took this shot. Not much to help with the cramped feeling but still a lot of improvements. Hopefully ill get a shot sometime soon. To the right we have a second porch off the bedroom. Nope, im not going to show it to you : / really we are just using it for one comfy chair and our bikes. Nothing much to see there yet…

Of course my oh so lovely vanity with my DIY earring holder.

Well there you have it! The updated version of the place. I will be posting soon with the post wedding version… i just need to clean the place up a bit before that happens! Hey, its been a crazy few months, who can blame me?!


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