Pantry Organization

So i am super unorganized and messy. I just let my closet pile up, and my office always gets cluttered… so i am attempting to make some changes round here! Starting with the pantry. I got these sweet little corked bottles from goodwill like… maybe 6 months ago. I always thought they were perfect for spices but i just never got around to labeling them.

So yesterday i went on a labeling frenzy. I labeled ALL my spices and my flour/sugars! So here is what my spices looked like when i started… another problem i had, i dont know if you can tell, but i have three different containers of cinnamon! I would check and see if i had a spice, not find it anywhere so i’d go buy a second (or third) bottle of something i already owned…

So i made all the labels on my Silhouette. I’ll be honest, it was pretty difficult to transfer them without transfer paper – pretty tedious so im definitely going to have to do that next time! I have a few pieces missing like the middle of the “a” in Cinnamon and part of the “m” in Nutmeg. But overall I am really happy with how they turned out.

So first off, i cleaned the crap out of these guys. Literally. They were mostly clean but some of them had some old leftover spices (remember i got these from Goodwill). I dried the outsides to apply the labels. The insides took a while longer to dry so I left them out for a few hours.

Heres the labels up close. You can see why a few pieces would have gone missing – see inside the “e” in Thyme and the “a” in Garlic? I had to individually find and stick those little suckers. Definitely took longer than it should have so i’d highly suggest using transfer paper like i will in the future!

And here is the after! I am super excited about them and it makes cooking sooo much easier to find them all. Theres a few more bottles in the back i didnt make labels for but maybe if i find more bottles next time i go to goodwill i can make some more!

When Kenny looked in the pantry he goes “Did we have all these spices before you labeled them?” Ha! Yes i did. They were just hard to see… NOT ANY MORE! Its soooo nice to open up my pantry and actually know where stuff is.

I also made labels for my sugars and flour – though i might get black or grey adhesive vinyl for the flour label since its more difficult to see.

I’ve also been organizing my office like crazy – its been a constant clutter since we moved in so its about time to get some organization to the chaos! Hopefully I’ll post about that soon!



3 responses

  1. They look so pretty! We have a standard spice rack that has everything pre-labeled, but I’ve always wanted something a little prettier. Yours turned out great! I started the process of organizing my closet, trying to simplify and keep only what I love. Yay for organization!

  2. Oh, to have a fellow ADD artist around! i had no idea….yo momma never told me and I’ve talked about ADD ad nauseum (as we can do so well!). Like the direction you’re going with organization. Labels are so fun! Even more addictive when it’s an electronic label maker! A little scary. 🙂

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