Drink and Draw*

*CAUTION! I do not promote intoxication while making art! There are many dire consequences including hangovers, horrible art and a waste of paint! Also, this post is only directed at the 21 and up crowd… Otherwise when i say “drink” i mean orange juice.

I love to paint. Im not super great at it. I did sell a painting over here, and i love my DIY Map Painting. But for the most part, i paint because i love the consistency of paint and just love mixing the colors around. I feel like a 2 year old when i paint and i just love it! The part i love the most is to paint with my mommy. Pretty sure i sound even more like a 2 year old. Its true though. My mom is an incredible artist… her art is inspiring. There are so many pieces that i would pay a lot for! Last friday i went to her place where she redecorated her art studio and helped break it in 🙂

Drink and draw is just like it sounds… have a beer and get to painting! Again, im not promoting getting plastered but i do love a drink or two especially when im spending quality time with friends and family and paint!

Here is one of my moms painting experiments. Shes definitely taught me instead of running to a huge piece, to slow down, experiment with color, texture and layering.

The steps to creating a fun piece of art:

  1. Experiment with colors. Use colors you usually wouldnt consider
  2. Use texture. It adds dimension and interest.
  3. Layer, layer, layer. If you havent heard of medium, it has many different uses. In this case, it helps add dimension. Take a quarter size of medium and add a drop of paint. It makes the paint translucent so you can see the other colors below it really adding depth. Medium can also change the consistency of the paint. Theres matte, fiber, coarse, crackle, iridescent, etc, etc, etc. This makes texture super fun.

Heres a few upclose shots of 2 experiments i was playing with…

How cute is she?! She made this mixed media piece for my sister for her birthday.

If you need any suggestions on what could… loosen you up… try a Caramel Baileys milkshake… absolutely delish. Or try Leinenkugel’s anything… best beer ever.

So here they are on my shelves…

I have to admit i love them. Im obsessed with the color blue… teal, navy, aqua, love them all… its hard for me to dabble in other colors especially painting. So i kept the color palate to yellow, red, purple and orange! I dig it.


One response

  1. I’m the same with painting. Don’t have the patience for details but looooove to colour block – I find the process of applying paint to a canvas so therapeutic. There are two canvases that I plan on reworking to go over our couch – can’t wait. Love your colours – they really brighten up the shelves 🙂

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