Newest Hobby

I love trying new things. My sweet lil sister, Erin has been tellin me to start crocheting for months now so last time i was in Michaels, i finally made a lil purchase! Some yarn and crocheting thingamajigs. Hooks i think they are called?!

I’ve been doing some research and found a great site with lots of tutorials over here. So basically, you just need to learn a few of the stitches and you can make anything from there. Erin’s favorite crochet pro is Lindsi over on Peoplewebs. LindsiĀ makes everything from mini pugs, circle scarves to house booties! So cute. I’m definitely inspired. Check out some of her shots:

How stinkin cute are these mini owls and pugs?!

Heres some more fun projects I found on ETSY. I NEED that zebra… so cute!



Why hello big fat penguin pillow!


So far it hasn’t been going well, but i know you have to just practice, practice, practice! I tried knitting a while back and it ended up being a bit of a mess… we will see how it goes! Have you guys been trying anything new lately? Tried crocheting? I would definitely love some advice if you have!



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