Hurr Cut

Yup, definitely chopped of a foot and a half of hair last week! I wanted to cut it all of months ago but i decided to wait until the wedding (everyone wants super long hair on their wedding day, right?

But it was time to say goodbye to my long, broken, annoying hair. Adios. I definitely had a lot of things I loved about it. My husband loved it. But how about a story, shall we? I drive a Scion tc. Basically that car just begs for the sunroof to be open. And with the beautiful weather we get in Austin, it was open all the time. The problem was that it created a wind vortex in my car. Often I wouldnt notice when a large chunk of my hair would get sucked up into the sunroof as i was driving. Im pretty sure this just had to look pretty silly from other drivers… me cruisin around with my hair sticking up a few inches out of the top of my car. It would get even worse when i close my sunroof as i get to my destination and still dont realize my hair that is now closed into the roof. Thankfully i never jumped out of the car with it still in there because I would have one nasty bald spot.

Anyway, i decided to give Kenny a few months with it before i chopped it off. So on Saturday, the appointment was set. And of course, i decided the best way to tell him about it was just to lie. I think lying is the foundation of any great marriage. I’m kidding. But i really did. I told him i was off to get a massage! So when i came back and walked through the door, he was in shock!

So heres some before and during shots. Sorry, my hair looks fine on my head but when its on the table it looks sick nasty. It kind of looks like a horses tail to me. Eww.

My stylist is great with hair but not with a camera. But it still gives you a good idea. I think i wanted a little bit shorter but i didnt want a bob. eww, those things look good on other people but just not my style. This is chunky, messy and i love it!

My husband is not a good photographer either…

The crazy thing is before it would take me like 30 minutes to clean my hair and then 45 to dry it. So annoying. Now it takes like 3 seconds to clean it and just 5 to dry! I love it! And it doesnt get caught in everything like doors, chairs, doggie teeth…

Now I’m definitely ready for summer πŸ™‚


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