M.I.A Part Two

So as i mentioned in the last post, I’ve been in Arizona and on the lake for the last two weeks. Man, i needed a vacation. So last week was a dream! A great friend of ours has a house right on the water and offered to let us stay for the week. Just me, Marissa and her roomie, Emily! It was beautiful, relaxing and so much fun!

To kick the week off, the weather decided to go nuts. We had one of the craziest thunderstorms I’ve ever been in. It was an intense downpour, the power kept turning off, the sky looked like a light show and there was the loudest, scariest thunder I’ve ever heard in my life. It would shake the entire house, it was that crazy. I didnt fall asleep till 5am because i was so in awe of everything. Marissa, of course, slept like a baby. No clue how.

Anyway, the next day we went grocery shopping and got to cooking! Now… i love to cook. But im bad at it. Marissa loves to cook and she’s AMAZING at it. One thing you need to know is that she is a nutritionist/dietitian/food genius. Just look at what we got at check out. I’ve never been in the produce section longer in my life. So not only does she cook amazing food, its super healthy too!

ITS DELISH. Seriously. So the first night, we had a shrimp salad. Pretty basic right? Nope. Theres beets in there. And mangos. And awesomness. Oh and the best tasting shrimp I’ve ever had. Did i mention beets? And they were insane. Seriously, who eats beets? Dwight Schrute would even be impressed with how freaking good these beets were.

I did a TON of reading all week. While tanning. So I’m pretty burnt.

Mimosas and Sense and Sensibility. love.

I think Maggie had a good time too. She basically rolled in the grass like this for about 4 hours. Every day. I love that crazy pup.

Enjoyed painting while staring at the beautiful lake.

Ok so this has to be one of my favorite nights of the week.

This is Marissa sayin “halla!” to the awesome lake.

Ok just pause. Seriously… stop scrolling and just look at this next shot. This is a small yet oh so lovely shot of heaven. We sat on a table right on the dock and ate the best meal of my life. Salmon smothered with mango chutney and an onion/avacado sauce with grilled onions and asparagus and delish potatoes. Of course a salad with bell peppers, some fruit ive never heard of, and other types of rock-your-face-off awesomeness. Come on. You know you’re hungry.

Afterwards I was challenged to make a fire in the firepit next to the house. Of course i love a good challenge. BUT because of my friend’s impatience, they decided to soak my beautiful, well built, could-have-stayed-lit-by-itself fire in lighter fluid. I may or may not have eyebrows. It was around this time that our lovely, very country neighbor, Larry, decided to bless us with his presence. This guy was awesome. He brought us over marshmallows, hot dogs (though we were pretty stuffed already) and a ton of wine (like we really needed it). He gave us some quality advice on the Do’s and Don’ts of dating, marriage and life in general. Our favorite Larry quote of the night was when he was talking about his wife of three years that he was insanely in love with “I was on her like a cat on a junebug!”

On thursday we went for a little drive through Kingsland, Texas. Check out those freakin blue bonnets!

We went to a local winery called Lost Creek Vineyard (who desperately need me to design them a new webpage) and they also had a restaurant called Tree House Bistro. A friend highly recommended them, said the wine and the food was delish and at 15 bucks a plate, totally worth it. Whelp, since it was really 25 bucks a plate, that was a downer, but the food was fantastic. We had a sample of all their wines as well which was super. Their Sinfonia De Ranas wasnt worth paying for since it was basically grape juice (i am no wine buff so this is coming from someone who doesnt know what shes talking about). But really… if you like super sweet wines that are CRAZY juice like… then buy a case. Im not down with the juice type so i downed it and quickly moved on to their white. A 2006 Blanc Du Bois was incredibly dry but went really well with an appetizer (we got the Calamari). The last, my favorite, and of course the most expensive was their red called “Buddy’s Select Reserve”. I’m down with reds and always dig a good blend, though it was slightly strange to find out Mr. Buddy was actually a dog. Did he select the grapes? Was puppy Buddy the inspiration for this delish Merlot/Cab blend? We will never know.

Initially we were the first people in the entire place (for happy hour, of course) so we were slightly concerned that this “great eats” wasnt so great. But as you see, by the end of our third taster, people decided to show up.

Emily, Me and Marissa!

Here we are finally seated and enjoying our lovely grub. I got the stuffed chicken because it was the cheapest (Lord knows i wanted that $38 Beef Tenderloin) but i was actually blown away by a fabulous meal. Marissa and Emily both got the Chili-Cumin Fried Snapper because well… Marissa loves her some chili powder. No, for serious, she puts it on everything.

Most of the week was just spent reading, painting and spending time with friends and the Lord. What a blessing! Love you ladies (and gents!) that came out for the week! Have you guys had any relaxing vacations lately? Or crazy ones?




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