Planty McPlanterson

I love roadkill. Not the animal variety. More like the free stuff variety. I was cruisin around with a friend the other day and found a bunch of crap scattered around two awesome pots! Well one awesome small one and one less awesome large one. Enter spray paint. Makes a not so awesome pot into super rad one.

First off, i primed the piece with white. The maroon was so dark it would take 57 layers of blue to hide the dark undercolor.

Speaking of road kill, i was leaving my church the other day and they were getting rid of old plants and updating. Of course i asked them what they were going to do with the old ones.. once i heard they were headed to the trash, i grabbed them! So now i have ANOTHER tree on the porch and a few other little bushes and odds and ends. Even the aloe i got for free from Kenny’s mom. She had a pot that was getting out of control so i stole a few lil dudes and planted them. Its been slow going getting those roots to stick but I’ve started to see some new buds coming in! Whoot!

Aint she pretty? Not bad for a free pot with a free tree in it.

Here is the already super awesome pot. Its ceramic in a funky green with a rounded square top. Love it! I figured i should throw a new mint plant into the mint green pot!

Speaking of plants, i LOVE me some Mountain Laurels. When those trees start blooming its officially the announcement of spring. If your state doesnt have them, its a shame. They smell GLORIOUS. Seriously. In fact, all while they are blooming, i always grab a bloom and throw it in my car for the best air freshener ever. This year, i decided if my car gets to smell amazeballs then our apartment should too. I just grabbed a bowl and threw a few in there. It seriously smells like grape soda… but like 50X better.

And they are just so pretty!

In fact, i love mountain laurels so much, i bought one! Its a mini one and they are slloooooow growers, but check it! I already got some buds! It was pretty funny to come home and walk in with a tree. Pretty sure Kenny didnt know what to say on that one.

Oh how i love the spring!



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