Porch: Completed

I’m going to officially say the porch is complete. For now. Theres a few things that need updating but for now…  I adore it. Maggie also wanted to model for you guys her usual chill spot. She likes to watch the runners and the other puppies. So cute!

Future updates:

– Carpet. Obviously. This carpet is an INDOOR carpet. Talk about eww. Its a good temporary but after i also dumped paint on it, its lookin pretty sketch town.

– Pillows. The pillows are all also indoor pillows which means they wont hold up for too long. The seat pillows were hand sewn with outdoor fabric and outdoor foam so those are going to hold up for years. Read my post here about how my mother and I tackled my first ever sewing project (pajama pants in 5th grade excluded). Someday I’ll save up the cash to sew maybe 6 large squishy pillows and maybe a few accent ones. Until then, we’ve got these succas.

Why, hello puppy!



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