DIY Reupholstery Bench

I’ve been wanting a good reupholster project for a while now. I have done exactly ZERO reupholstering but I have a love for it (and a respect for those that do it well!)  I’ve seen a lot of bench re-dos and it seemed like a good starter project. So i found a storage piano bench on craigslist for 10 bucks!

Here is the before and After. Scroll down for the full step by step how to!

This piece has a great structure, nice storage and was very sturdy. But the velvet brown fabric was just begging to be thrown in the trash. First off, i unscrewed the cushion from the bottom.

Once the cushion was off, i started removing the 50,000 staples. ok there wasnt that many but AT LEAST 100 of them. it was pretty nuts.

Remove more staples for the piping..

And MORE staples for all the fabric. Seriously they used up a whole box of staples. I removed the sick nasty brown velvet fabric and was happy to find the foam in great shape. I was worried about stains or smells and needing to get new foam but thankfully it was perfect-o!

I then attached the fabric i wanted to use. Since i have a lot of fabric left over from the wedding, i decided to use that! Nothing better than paying zero bucks for fabric.

The buttons were the fun part. I got a button making kit from Joanne’s and it was pretty self explanatory. Plus they look so schnazzy with new fabric on them. I tried to use the old buttons but they just weren’t having it. It was only a few bucks for the kit so it was worth it. I also used scrap fabric left over from trimming the edges. I couldn’t take out the old staples without damaging the wood so i just cut the string to the old buttons and took them out. For the new buttons they suggest getting an upholstery needle… i definitely wish i bought one because it was difficult to get a piece of string through wood, foam and fabric. But i managed. Six times. Once I got the string through, strung through the new button and back.

I flipped it over to the other side to make sure it was tight enough. The tighter the string, the deeper the button. Once i got it to where I wanted it, i stapled the string to the wood.

Once i threaded all six buttons and stapled it once, I’d flip it to the front and make sure the buttons were at the same depth. If one was too shallow, i took pliers and tugged on the string until it was where i wanted it. then flipped the string the other direction and stapled it again.

I then added fabric to the underside to hide all the wood and staples. I just used the same fabric because I have so much of it. I also decided to go to the edges for a clean look.

Then I strewed the cushion back onto the base.

And Voila! Fancy new bench! I love the storage capability and the height. Its perfect for an entry bench, an ottoman or the end of your bed. Definitely going to get a ton of use out of this $13 project!

I really want to encourage you to just go out and try something. I never would have thought i could build furniture or reupholster but you never know till you try. This project was much easier than I thought it would be and maybe took a total of 2 hours (minus driving to joanne’s for the button kit and new staples from Lowes!) I love a project that makes you smile every time you see it!



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