Clutter, Clutter, Clutter

I am a messy person. I like to blame that on my creative side…. i create, i dont organize. Though I have been REALLY trying like here, here and here. Still, I’ve narrowed down the problem to clutter. And apartment size. Now, we have a pretty decent sized apartment, but when your stuff alone could pack the place out… then you get hitched and add another persons stuff as well… dang, theres just stuff everywhere.

I’m photographing a wedding today so I have a wide angle lens and went to town photographing the apartment. One thing you’ll notice… we have stuff everywhere! Theres just not enough space to hold everything!

This next photo makes me cringe. The issue: my fav chair. That beige chair + a book + the best blanket ever created = what i call a good time. I LOVE that chair. Its such a big chair there is no way it would fit in our bedroom. Plus the sectional is also huge. So our way to solve the problem… just shove them in a tiny space and get cozy. Honestly my priority over design was comfort. Usually is. When its not, thats when you end up with museums for interiors. I’m not knocking it but thats just not my style. If its not cozy and homey, its not me. Or kenny. really the whole left side of this image is just gross. We play board games all the times so those are a must, magazines, books… always a must. And everything else, well theres just no where else to put it. And this is how a bunch of stuff turns into clutter. Usually if you have a bunch of stuff that has no place – you get rid of it. EXCEPT if you are in that weird in-between of apartment to a house. You want to buy a house but you’re not quite there yet. You dont want to get rid of any furniture because though it might be crowded right now, soon as you move into a house, you dont have enough furniture!

So thats what we’ve got right now. I’ll of course keep fining more ways to clean up and de-clutter, but until we move out of an itty bitty apartment, thats just what we are going to be stuck with! Just check out the left of the tv. Yikes. We have hundreds of movies (in stacks on the floor since they don’t all fit on the shelf). We have my record player, and of course old school nintendo games. Because what is life without mario cart? We definitely had a tetris tournament the other day. halla!

Any ideas on better ways to organize in a tiny space? My plan is to tackle one project at a time and be thankful for the beautiful space that we have!



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