C Table!

I honestly can’t remember the last time i actually purchased a piece of furniture new. Its all either Craigslist, hand me downs, thrift shops… or I’d just build it myself. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever bought any furniture brand new… oh wait yea.. last week! We had a few gift cards from the wedding that we never used so we decided to make a little purchase! Don’t you just love when huge boxes show up at your doorstep?

5 minutes and tons of bubble paper later:

One beautiful C table! I got this beauty off of Crate and Barrel. I’ve always loved these simple tables but with tables like this one going for 350 bucks, it was just never worth it. But this table, at 60 bones, was much more affordable. Its great because it will work in a few different locations:

I’m super impressed with the quality of it and the stability. Putting a lot of weight on the end of the table doesn’t make it bow whatsoever. Completely solid. Love it.

And it also comes in grey, green and blue! We really loved the grey but the color looked almost red so i just didnt trust a brownish grey photo online. I’m sure it looks great in person but i just didnt want to deal with shipping it back. Always such a pain. So we went with white! I think its perfect since the couch is so dark, it really brightens things up.

Have you made any fun home purchases lately? New furniture?



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