Wooden Spheres

I’ve really been digging wooden spheres sold at places like West Elm.

I love them but paying 30 bucks a pop didnt quite make sense. So how about 3 bucks instead? I found a really great DIY about how to use two stitching looms each. 2 small and 2 large.

To make the smaller one, you just use the 4 rings from the 2 smallest looms. It took me a while to work them into the position that really looked best. You can use the West Elm spheres above for a good reference or just wiggle them around till you like how it looks! I decided to go the easy route and just use a glue gun to make them stay in place. One nudge and the thing would shift so its a good idea to make them stay where you want them.

Next step is staining. You could keep them the raw wood but I’ll most likely stain them at some point when i finally decide on what stain! My indecisiveness is going to be the end of me…


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