Birthday & Mama’s Day!

*WARNING*  this post involves booze, me on the potty and partial nudity. Well, cartoon nudity. But still, not something you’d want to explain at work.

Last week (Monday to be exact) was my birthday and what a good one it was! On the 5th, my man surprised me with a weekend getaway with just me and him (and the pup) back to the lovely lake house from this ol post! I was jazzed to spend the weekend with my loves just chillin, tanning and grubbing.

The weekend was super relaxing!

Dinner was lovely again… so delish! Come on… Kenny is a stud. Oh my gosh, such a good lookin man. Happy Birthday to ME! Woot!

Still can’t get over this view from the porch… so nice!

LOVE  Maggie’s face in this shot… shes just super happy!

And FINALLY did some fun crocheting. I found this design here and got to workin on it. The funny thing about this is im a perfectionist. I repeated the same part about 10 times (and then would pull it all out and start over again) until i got it perfect. Reading instructions definitely took some time to get used to: Ch3, turn, dc in next dc, ch 2 skip next 2 dc, dc, sc, ch 5, do a backflip, repeat. Plus its pretty fantastic that i made a SCARF in the SUMMER!  Oh well, still fun and turned out wonky but semi pretty…

So every year my birthday falls on or around Mothers day. My bro once got confused and got my mom a Birthday card… ha! Anyway, so this mothers day we had a fun get together with BOTH my moms! (my mom on the left, Kenny’s on the Right) How cute are they? Anyway, so me and Kenny found these really cute mothers day cards that said “Hey mom, thanks for teaching me so many things over the years.” and then on the inside it said something like  “That whole potty training thing has really come in handy over the years.” Super cute but then it was some random kid on the front. SO of course we decided to put our own faces on them. The moms definitely liked them…

So for your viewing pleasure, here is little me on the potty:

I think its effective because of how abnormally huge my head is… Kenny’s is pretty dang cute!

So heres a fun shot of the party with me and my family. My mom is in purple and then all my bros and sisters! We are all so old!

What is Mother’s day without a fun picture like this!? LOVE it!! Thanks for birthing me, Mama! And thanks for birthing my husband, Mama Lisa!

Ok back to birthday! On my birthday DAY I had a blast… slept in (worked a little!) chilled out by the pool, wore my pretty new earrings my man got me…

Check out my mom’s gift… yea, thats an Airstream Trailer birdhouse! My mom knows me so well…

And then it was birthday dinner with my ladies! I love you guys! Wish i got a picture of everyone though…

And i figured I’d end this post with my birthday card. From Kenny’s mom. Of course she would send me two nakie butts for my birthday (and of course it made a joke about “old cracks” or something) I apologize if youre at work or have kids around. Dont scroll down if either are true for you! You may either get in trouble with your boss or have to answer some awkward questions that you aren’t quite ready for.

Thanks everyone for giving me the best birth month ever!


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