Thanks for visiting! My name is Rachel and I am an Art Director by day, blogger by night and photographer everywhere in between. I am 26 years old and live in the BEAUTIFUL city of Austin, Texas. I went to school for photography but I’m crazy about interior design. I actually wanted to go into furniture design but then thought it was “impractical” for some crazy reason. So now i teach myself!   I adore travel and soon as i get the chance, i’ll grab my passport and head out the door. My heart really is in the Dominican Republic with Mak kiddos:

I got hitched to my best friend November 5th, 2011 and couldn’t be more blessed! Its been fun learning to merge our lives together.

Here is me and my stud husband, Kenny. This is us attempting to model. Isnt he smokin?! Im one lucky gal..

This one is really more us though.

This blog is meant to serve as my little get away from the office, where i post how to’s on my fun DIY projects, post inspiring stuff and brag about the fun new artists i meet! Hope you enjoy and feel inspired!



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