Happy Birthday, ‘Merica

Heres some fun 4th ideas! This one has always been my favorite: Fireworks Cookies! Throw some pop rocks in there and a 4th of July pop! Kenny suggested not telling your guests they are in there so they are very surprised!

Pop Rocks Cookies: Tastes Like America.


How about some cute 4th nails? I love these because they aren’t as cheesy as so many others are – and i love me some anchors!

Pinned Image


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And how about a cute outfit idea? Have a striped red cardigan anyone? And yes, i enjoy getting dressed up for the 4th!

Pinned Image

Can’t locate the source ūüė¶

And the best part about the 4th of July? People being horribly stupid with fireworks:

PS, the last few seconds there are some bad words. I think id say some bad words too.

Happy 4th! BE SAFE!!


ATX Digs

I love finding really fun and unique homes. I love it even more when they are from my hometown, Austin, Texas! The McCarthys were only in this home for SEVEN months before they almost completely transformed this house. Every room has quirky prints, bright colors and unique design. To see the original article on Design*Sponge and more pictures, click¬†here. Read Bailey’s blog, Peppermint Bliss¬†for design tips. All photography by the lovely Paige Newton Photography!

Image above: who wouldn’t love sailboat wall paper and quatrefoil¬†tile?! I know i would…

A lot of furniture is from estate sales, hand me downs or from her old own in Chicago.

Ok seriously, does this chick love to take chances with fun wallpaper or what?!

I love this kitchen and the two part door… modern feel with older touches. Love it!

This picture definitely tells me these are Austinites. Who else would have longhorns above a guest bed? Hook em Horns!!

Yup, more fun wall paper!

This one would definitely be my husbands favorite part of the house. Freaking awesome shower. I love the unique look of it thats its almost window panes.

So many elements of this house I’m drooling over!¬†Found any cool houses lately?

Have a good weekend!


iPhone Cases for Creatives

There have been so many cute and fun iphone cases coming out recently, i just had to share!

First up is one of the most unique iPhone cases I’ve seen. Which is saying a lot since theres SO many crazy ones out there.

Its a cross stitch iphone case! I really love when old arts like crocheting and cross stitch get a new breath of fresh air and creativity. The fun thing with this you can take out the stitching and make something new whenever you want!

Another one of my favorites are by Satchel & Sage. Seen this design before? Yup! I bought a print at the Renegade Craft Fair and haven’t gotten enough of it since. Read all about that story here. To purchase an iphone Case from Satchel & Sage, head over here!

This one from Amy Sia I almost bought when i saw it because it was so dang cute.

I definitely have a huge love for watercolor so i just about died when i saw those. Love this geo watercolor by her as well!

Now all i need to do is actually upgrade to the iPhone 4… or wait for the 5?! Decisions, decisions…

Wakeboard Camp!

So last week is always one of my fav weeks of the year – wakeboard camp! Yup, i get to spend a whole week hanging out with cool highschool kids while out on boats wakeboarding,wakesurfing and other shenanigans. I love it!

I took photo and video all week just like i have for the last 5+ years… love it!

Man, i love my job. Btw i had about a bazillion compliments on my bright pink tosies, it was just a bottle at Nordstrom. I love that its neon and makes me look tan.. yay optical illusions!

A friend is doing all the video editing so hopefully it will be all ready to go soon and I’ll try and post it!


Kitchen Art

So these guys all started from my constant need to check kitchen conversions online – im just bad at remembering how many cups in a liter, tablespoons in teaspoons, etc. so i decided to make a quick an easy “art” guide right there on the wall. So i made some more ūüôā Find them all on my Etsy shop, here! Without the logo at the bottom, of course!

Cant wait to see this guys in my kitchen:

Can you tell I got a part time job at starbucks?!

Also made this chart to remember cooking temperatures – super helpful!

Hopefully these art charts will be helpful while cooking up some delish grub!


House Hunting

So we’ve gone back and fourth about getting a house the last few months partly because we are both in between jobs. Since we both got new fancy (and one not so fancy) jobs, we are back to hitting the webs for houses! Nope, no lake houses with infinity pools, but a fun fixer upper sounds perfect-o. There are definitely pros and cons to buying a house… lets start with the obvious pros:


  • Umm, you have a flippin house! Awesome!
  • Complete design freedom (i cant wait to knock down some walls, build porches, and paint the crap out of it)
  • Equity – you’re putting your money into a mortgage instead of someone else’s pocket
  • Most mortgages we are looking at would be around the same price as apartment rentals in Austin
  • PRIVACY! We can hear our neighbors newborn baby crying all night. We also probably annoy our current neighbors with our loud music and movies – not a problem if you own a house!
  • Space – We are fo sho crammed in this apartment. Its a decent sized apartment but just my stuff alone filled the place up – add another person stuff and whadya get!? Cramped. Not so much in a house!
  • Yard! One of my favorite parts – my sweet pup would be able to run around at her hearts content
  • Art Studio! – Ok this might be my favorite part… I cannot wait to have an entire room dedicated to creativity, painting and pure awesomeness! Anyone wana come over and paint?!
  • Guest room – right now everyone who stays over has to sleep on the couch. Which, we have people stay over quite often. and our couch is horribly uncomfortable to sleep on.
  • Garage – i dont care much about protecting my car as much as i want a workshop! Building furniture on our little porch gets really old really fast. Also garages are great for storage. No more christmas trees in your hall closet. Woot!
  • Stairs – i definitely wont miss three flights of stairs anytime i forget my phone upstairs
  • Tax incentives


  • $$$ – not only the mortgage but also buying more furniture, paint, updates, etc. are pricy.
  • Repairs & Maintenance – No more maintenance workers at a simple phone call. If something breaks you have to fix it. (or pay someone else a lot to)
  • Utilities – heating a one bedroom apartment vs. heating a 3 bedroom house – expect prices to go way up!
  • Mobility – with owning a home, you don’t have it. Unless you want to deal with long term renters, you’re probably not going to go anywhere for a few years. But i love austin – why would anyone want to move?!
  • Amenities – bye bye pool ūüė¶ this is a big downer – i love the gym and the pool here! I guess i could tan in the backyard. Kiddie pool anyone?
  • Location – the better location the more expensive. The further away from central, the better the price and the better the house. But we want to be as central as possible… its definitely true: “Location, Location, Location”
  • Down Payment – You’ve gotta have a lot of cash saved up. Banks require about 5% down which is $10,000 on a $200,000 home. Yikes!
  • Property taxes – eww

We are definitely flexible – if we stay in this apartment for another year (or three) we are completely content. We have so much and so much to be thankful for. Someday we will most likely buy a house… I’ll keep you updated on if its sooner or later!


Renegade Craft Fair

Hey guys! Had an awesome time at the Renegade Craft Fair this year. Somehow this was my first time going – how do i miss out on such cool events?!



I loved this booth Рthe handmade fabrics in fun mod designs and colors. Had to force myself to slowly back away. Head over to Cloth & Ink to check out all the goods.

One of my favorite was Satchel and Sage where I picked up an oh so fun feather print.

Seriously, how cute is this “birds of a feather” print?! Now i just need to run to Ikea to pick up a nice new frame for it!


molly m designs creates unique lasercut jewelry and art Рthere were SO many pieces that i just adored. Check out her site to see


Here are some more booths and artists that i loved: Feb10 Design, By Jeannie Jewelry, the merriweather council, DA Metals,  Squeeze My Hand, SimplyPlanted, Ceramica Botanica, and littleMinnow Designs. To check out the other artists that were there head over to  Renegade Craft Fair Artists.

Have a good weekend, Lovelies!


Memorial Day Sales!

Well, its memorial day and of course that means great sales! Yesterday me and a buddy, Amy headed over to one of my all time favorite stores in the world. West Elm! Because of Memorial Day, everything thats already reduced is on sale another 15% in addition to whats already marked down! On top of that, they were trying to sell their floor models so a lot of items were marked down by 100s of bucks! Halla!

This table I’ve been eyeing for a while… our ourdoor table isnt so much an outdoor table. Its more a cheap $10 target temporary that is falling apart with all the moisture. But at 70 bucks, i just couldn’t make the purchase. BUT there was a floor model on sale for 30 plus the 15% off! Still suprised I didn’t snatch that up… so cute!

Amy was eyeing these pillows for her living room. But i thought it would be fun to find just a plain white pillow cover, get some fabric paint and paint it yourself! That would be so much more fun (and cheaper!)

Can’t wait to have a sweet dining room and dining table! Love the mix of the cozy chairs and the bench!

You know i have a love for succulents, I’m diggin them as a centerpiece…

I am definitely lovin this centerpiece – definitely a little messy for Memorial Day weekend but the mix of silver and teal just makes me happy…

Love this guy. Definitely approve of the faux animal head mounts. Always creeps me out to have an actually dead animal head on the wall. So sad. This is a very agreeable alternative.

Though this would be a horrible idea in my house (Im pretty sure I’ve mentioned how horribly clumsy I am, but i just loved those dozens of bottles all clumped together. Please dont do this at your house either. I think it works for West Elm, but not a home. Maybe pick up half a dozen. Not 100.

LOVE the mix of white lacquer and whitewash of these dressers and bed frame. It just has a beachy spa-like feel to it. I dig it.

I laughed out loud when i saw this cute lil owl in his cage. Poor lil guy.. his friends are free but he is not.

I ALWAYS love the displays… this would be awesome! Just paint one fun wall with chalkboard paint and add frames! Such a fun idea!

I love paint. Having “painted” bedding is definitely my idea of a good time. Plus i love the blues!

Amy crashed after a long day into one of the most comfy, absurdly expensive outdoor chairs in existence. Pretty sure its around 1,300. But its on sale! (for maybe 1,200…)

So go out and get you some cheap ol furniture. Also, did anyone notice the Room Store going out of business? So sad but you can definitely grab a great piece of furniture for super cheap!

Happy Memorial Day, Y’all!


Birthday & Mama’s Day!

*WARNING* ¬†this post involves booze, me on the potty and partial nudity. Well, cartoon nudity. But still, not something you’d want to explain at work.

Last week (Monday to be exact) was my birthday and what a good one it was! On the 5th, my man surprised me with a weekend getaway with just me and him (and the pup) back to the lovely lake house from this ol post! I was jazzed to spend the weekend with my loves just chillin, tanning and grubbing.

The weekend was super relaxing!

Dinner was lovely again… so delish! Come on… Kenny is a stud. Oh my gosh, such a good lookin man. Happy Birthday to ME! Woot!

Still can’t get over this view from the porch… so nice!

LOVE ¬†Maggie’s face in this shot… shes just super happy!

And FINALLY did some fun crocheting. I found this design here and got to workin on it. The funny thing about this is im a perfectionist. I repeated the same part about 10 times (and then would pull it all out and start over again) until i got it perfect. Reading instructions definitely took some time to get used to:¬†Ch3, turn, dc in next dc, ch 2 skip next 2 dc, dc, sc, ch 5, do a backflip, repeat.¬†Plus its pretty fantastic that i made a SCARF in the SUMMER! ¬†Oh well, still fun and turned out wonky but semi pretty…

So every year my birthday falls on or around Mothers day. My bro once got confused and got my mom a Birthday card… ha! Anyway, so this mothers day we had a fun get together with BOTH my moms! (my mom on the left, Kenny’s on the Right) How cute are they? Anyway, so me and Kenny found these really cute mothers day cards that said “Hey mom, thanks for teaching me so many things over the years.” and then on the inside it said something like ¬†“That whole potty training thing has really come in handy over the years.” Super cute but then it was some random kid on the front. SO of course we decided to put our own faces on them. The moms definitely liked them…

So for your viewing pleasure, here is little me on the potty:

I think its effective because of how abnormally huge my head is… Kenny’s is pretty dang cute!

So heres a fun shot of the party with me and my family. My mom is in purple and then all my bros and sisters! We are all so old!

What is Mother’s day without a fun picture like this!? LOVE it!! Thanks for birthing me, Mama! And thanks for birthing my husband, Mama Lisa!

Ok back to birthday! On my birthday DAY I had a blast… slept in (worked a little!) chilled out by the pool, wore my pretty new earrings my man got me…

Check out my mom’s gift… yea, thats an Airstream Trailer birdhouse! My mom knows me so well…

And then it was birthday dinner with my ladies! I love you guys! Wish i got a picture of everyone though…

And i figured I’d end this post with my birthday card. From Kenny’s mom. Of course she would send me two nakie butts for my birthday (and of course it made a joke about “old cracks” or something) I apologize if youre at work or have kids around. Dont scroll down if either are true for you! You may either get in trouble with your boss or have to answer some awkward questions that you aren’t quite ready for.

Thanks everyone for giving me the best birth month ever!