ATX Digs

I love finding really fun and unique homes. I love it even more when they are from my hometown, Austin, Texas! The McCarthys were only in this home for SEVEN months before they almost completely transformed this house. Every room has quirky prints, bright colors and unique design. To see the original article on Design*Sponge and more pictures, click here. Read Bailey’s blog, Peppermint Bliss for design tips. All photography by the lovely Paige Newton Photography!

Image above: who wouldn’t love sailboat wall paper and quatrefoil tile?! I know i would…

A lot of furniture is from estate sales, hand me downs or from her old own in Chicago.

Ok seriously, does this chick love to take chances with fun wallpaper or what?!

I love this kitchen and the two part door… modern feel with older touches. Love it!

This picture definitely tells me these are Austinites. Who else would have longhorns above a guest bed? Hook em Horns!!

Yup, more fun wall paper!

This one would definitely be my husbands favorite part of the house. Freaking awesome shower. I love the unique look of it thats its almost window panes.

So many elements of this house I’m drooling over! Found any cool houses lately?

Have a good weekend!



Memorial Day Sales!

Well, its memorial day and of course that means great sales! Yesterday me and a buddy, Amy headed over to one of my all time favorite stores in the world. West Elm! Because of Memorial Day, everything thats already reduced is on sale another 15% in addition to whats already marked down! On top of that, they were trying to sell their floor models so a lot of items were marked down by 100s of bucks! Halla!

This table I’ve been eyeing for a while… our ourdoor table isnt so much an outdoor table. Its more a cheap $10 target temporary that is falling apart with all the moisture. But at 70 bucks, i just couldn’t make the purchase. BUT there was a floor model on sale for 30 plus the 15% off! Still suprised I didn’t snatch that up… so cute!

Amy was eyeing these pillows for her living room. But i thought it would be fun to find just a plain white pillow cover, get some fabric paint and paint it yourself! That would be so much more fun (and cheaper!)

Can’t wait to have a sweet dining room and dining table! Love the mix of the cozy chairs and the bench!

You know i have a love for succulents, I’m diggin them as a centerpiece…

I am definitely lovin this centerpiece – definitely a little messy for Memorial Day weekend but the mix of silver and teal just makes me happy…

Love this guy. Definitely approve of the faux animal head mounts. Always creeps me out to have an actually dead animal head on the wall. So sad. This is a very agreeable alternative.

Though this would be a horrible idea in my house (Im pretty sure I’ve mentioned how horribly clumsy I am, but i just loved those dozens of bottles all clumped together. Please dont do this at your house either. I think it works for West Elm, but not a home. Maybe pick up half a dozen. Not 100.

LOVE the mix of white lacquer and whitewash of these dressers and bed frame. It just has a beachy spa-like feel to it. I dig it.

I laughed out loud when i saw this cute lil owl in his cage. Poor lil guy.. his friends are free but he is not.

I ALWAYS love the displays… this would be awesome! Just paint one fun wall with chalkboard paint and add frames! Such a fun idea!

I love paint. Having “painted” bedding is definitely my idea of a good time. Plus i love the blues!

Amy crashed after a long day into one of the most comfy, absurdly expensive outdoor chairs in existence. Pretty sure its around 1,300. But its on sale! (for maybe 1,200…)

So go out and get you some cheap ol furniture. Also, did anyone notice the Room Store going out of business? So sad but you can definitely grab a great piece of furniture for super cheap!

Happy Memorial Day, Y’all!


The Deets…

Alright, here it is… the nitty gritty. Down and dirty. The deets. Are you ready? I currently live with my brother, Justin. My older, messy, unorganized, grody, cage-fighting brother. I also live with (currently one) other dude named Shad who happens to also be a messy, grody cage fighter. Supposedly, i might soon be living with three.  At least security will never be an issue here…

This blog is basically my attempt to A. Stay sane. B. Make a space that is my own in a house that isn’t and C. explore my interior decorating/designing girl side in a house full of dudes. Thankfully i bribed Justin to let me have a second room (hes got FIVE bedrooms in this house! plenty to spare : ) So i use the smaller of the two as my bedroom and the larger as a living room/ art studio. I really think this was a brilliant move. Though my bedroom is tiny, it has a walk in closet and it’s really all the space i need to sleep and read.

See what i mean? pretty small… but cozy!  It definitely  needs a ton of work. Notice no baseboards and random paint missing in sections. Also i sleep on a mattress on the floor – it super comfy, but its still just a mattress on the floor. Its a work in progress, people!

And here is my “living room”

I’m very glad i was able to fit my couch in there – i’d hate to see that beauty go into storage, plus it’s a nice getaway from all the testosterone downstairs. That amazing chalkboard wall was actually there before i moved in. Justin offered to pain over it before i moved in – umm, heck no!  The lovely drawings by my darling friends; Riley thought he should show his “mad artistic skills” by drawing the only thing he knows how to draw: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is so talented. Also, the puppy isn’t mine, he is my roomie’s. He does like to see what the heck I am up to all the time which is fun… there should always be more puppies in the world. Heres some cute pictures of him the other morning.

Ok, i hate to post the rest of this – but here is my “art studio.” It is in quotes for a reason. I’ve never had a space just for my art so it’s just kind of all thrown into a corner. I am working on organization and I will post about that soon!

I know. Its awful. A few things to note: A. No, the image isn’t in black and white, its just boring with no color. Sad day. Its a work in progress, people! B. yes, i use an ottoman as my chair. Its horrible. Way too short and just really silly. I feel like a 5 year old trying to see over the top of the desk. C. Decent Ikea desk with almost no space.

So here is the plan: i want to build a new desk. Definitely something brighter and larger. There is just not enough space with this tiny desk and large monitor. So I’ve been drooling over this sucker:

It would definitely bring in more space, storage and really brighten up the area. Plus the plans are FREE online here. Thanks Ana : ) Once i have a larger desk – i am in serious need of a chair. I LOVE the chairs used by Jen of Made by Girl.

The great thing is they are on Overstock for a measly $187.99 and shipping is only 2 bones! Crazy! Much cheaper than even buying them locally and they have great reviews for comfort and quality. Most likely going to be a purchase in the near future! Ok, scroll down at your own risk… this is where i keep all of my art supplies.

Ahhh, i know right? Scary! Anyway, the room has 2 great closets that are perfect for storage but the one on the right is in desperate need of a coat (or 7) of paint and well, i just really need some sort of organized system. I recently bought a few things from ikea: those white storage boxes and the metal storage on the wall. I think that was step one in about 20 but I’m definitely excited to see how this space evolves. I am going to post room by room soon to give you a better picture of the space and really explain the way i plan on approaching these (many) tasks ahead!