DIY Mini Artist Canvas Magnets

I got these lovely mini 3X3 canvases from my mama for Christmas – yes, its been that long! What a great stocking stuffer idea, huh! Anyway, they jsut sat there begging to be painted but I was pretty torn on what to do with them exactly. Yes, they were cute but what the heck would you actually do with mini canvas?

You make Bad A refrigerator magnets, thats what!

I hand painted them with paint markers.

On the back i attached a square of magnet sheet. It is Avery Magnet sheets.

And voila! You can hold up all the dozens of wedding save the dates you’ve been getting.

I ended up leaving them set up like this… just like the simplicity of it!

I also made a mini version of my painting from the lake!

These guys were super easy and very fun so go grab some and try them out.



DIY Nursery Canvas

A friend of mine is pregnant with her first baby, a lil girl named Finley Gray (how cute is that?!) Anyway, i wanted to make something for their nursery and just started creating. I knew the nursery had grey walls so i decided to have the canvas stay mostly white so it would pop. They also arent the typical pink and purple type of parents (yay!) so i decided to pick out some paper with different fun colors, feminine patterns and write out “Finley Gray” in the paper. Of course i decided to use the Silhouette to cut them out or else it would have looked like a 5 year old made it. Not exactly the look i was going for. And i went with Amy Butler paper (got it at michael’s like 50 years ago) because i just adore her patterns.

So i started out by making the page setting as large as the canvas – 20X16 so that i could see what the final product would look like. Once i found the font i liked, i made it the size id like – just slightly going off the edges of the canvas.

Once i had the letters the size i wanted, i made a separate page set at 12X12 and put random letters and a flower on it. I used maybe 4 or 5 different types of paper so that the letters would be different colors and patterns. I cut out more letters than i needed just so i could play with it a little bit and see which colors i really loved.

Then i got to cutting:

Once they were all cut out and ready to go I placed them on the canvas and moved them around until they were exactly where i had in mind. I thought again about painting the canvas before i started to put the letters on it but I just liked the simplicity and it would be over complicated if i added more colors.

Initially started glueing them down with an extra strength glue stick. I knew i would be painting over the whole thing with a clear glaze so i didn’t think it would matter. It did. Didn’t work out too well. So i just went straight to a mod podge type of adhesive to stick them down. That work well so i went through and stuck them all down like that. When coating the whole thing, i had never tried paper on canvas and i wasn’t too sure what would work. So i started off with mod podge. BAD idea! It made the letter start warping and wrinkling badly. (can you tell which letter i messed up?!) I didnt a little online research and found out that acrylic medium works the best. It worked WONDERS. There was no warping, and it painted on beautifully. It will also seal the paper enough to avoid damage. So i highly suggest using medium!

One of my favorite parts was the flower. Just a lil smidge of girlie-ness for the new lil one. The bottom two layers of the flower i stuck down to the canvas and did a few layers of medium. The center piece i glued down in the center but let the petals stick up! I coated those petals on all sides with medium to keep it sturdy.

How cute is that?!

I love how it turned out so hopefully the happy new parents and sweet baby girl love it!

DIY Map Painting

I got a request from over on this post to share a How To on my Map Painting. I have a huge love for globes and geography and I’ve always wanted a modern map but never was able to find one. So i painted it!

The blue/green background was left over test paint that i decided against using in my bedroom.

And here are the tools i used. please dont judge…

Yes kids. Its true. i painted the whole thing with a paint pen. AND this canvas was by no means tiny…. at  24 x 36 you would think I’d go through 12 paint pens to get all of it (dang russia!) but no! Just one… and i’ve used it on other projects since! I will be honest, it took me quite a while, but once i finished all the coast lines, i considered going and picking up some silver paint but i was worried the color wouldnt match and then it would just look odd. Plus, i’m stubborn! Once i get something started, I’m determined to finish it there and then without a craft store stop in between. So rather than call me “impatient” and slightly ridiculous… lets just stick with determined and perfectionistic.

There is a bit of a downside too, folks… to get the outline with the sharpie…. i used a projector. Duh da DUH DAAAAaaAaA. Sorry guys… its true. But i did find this little guy on The O for only $52.58 (is that a random # or what?):

Or throw down a little more coin with this beauty:

Isn’t is so cute?! You could just throw that sucker in your pocket!

But i do think a projector is a good investment! I also painted this stud with it:

So theres unlimited numbers of projects you could accomplish with one of these guys… PLUS: instant big screen everywhere you go! Anyway… here is some more detail shots of it:

I almost forgot! I picked silver because i really wanted to have some depth to it… its interesting – it really does look like the water is deeper than the land… it just really POPS!

Also, in this shot you can really see the texture to the piece –  when i painted on the teal background, i laid it on pretty thick and well… i finger painted : )  My roommate walked in and looked at me like i was crazy with all that paint covering my hands. Let me tell you, that was super fun! Plus i think it adds just a little bit more depth and dimension to it! Till next time!