my Date with Kate!

Had a beautiful weekend with a good friend Kate a few weeks back and we went to Austin Java (yum!) and hit up the Blanton Museum of Art that was actually quite a bit bigger that we both thought it was. There was a huge exhibit on 19th-Century prints which made me want to retake Printmaking, a Latin America Gallery, large Contemporary Gallery and (the reason why we went) Masterpieces by artists like Monet, Degas and Manet among others.

Love this piece by Monet (bottom left) and the museum had some beautiful architecture

There was a huge modern and contemporary art gallery that was pretty incredible. This is a permanent collection so go check it out! Btw, lower right is an installation called “How to Build Cathedrals” by Cildo Meireles. The top is cow bones with a column of communion wafers leading down to the floor that is covered with pennies. They used 600,000 pennies, 800 communion wafers and 2000 cattle bones!