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Hey guys! Just wanted to share a fun creative types get together from last week. This is our second time to meet up and hang out and each time has been eye opening. As an artist, i believe its important to surround yourself with other creatives. We had interior designers, bloggers, event planners, photographers, graphic designers and writers all together talking about what we do and what inspires us.

This was our lovely host for the evening, the creative Clair Zinnecker. She is an incredible interior designer for Joel Mozersky. She also posts to an adorable blog Camille Styles all of her fun DIY ideas in her Transformed series.

This is the oh so amazing Ashley- yes, the famous Ashley that planned my wedding! If you ever need a day of coordinator or someone to plan the whole thing (which i HIGHLY recommend… goodbye stress!) then please hire this sweet, talented lady! Since she is in the process of making a website, im going to just post her email to the entire world. Hope thats ok, ash! Please only email her if youre interested in her fab services!

Ok so this is the second time I’ve met Katie and she is one of the sweetest women I’ve met! She is also a riot which always makes get togethers more fun. Maybe blame it on the fact that she’s a hilarious writer that posts constantly to her blog She also posted about the get together here including awesome advice from all the ladies on how to pursue your creative dreams. So head over and read it! Here writing is maybe 50 times better than mine!

We enjoyed some delish wine, cheeses and fruit… cant have a get together without some delish grub.

And what an incredible house! Its beautiful… a house from the 40s that has slowly been brought back to life by such an incredible interior designer.

Just check out her front entry wall that was featured on her blog posts. So great, right? Just check out the DIY over here.

Photo by Claire Zinnecker

And thanks to Kate Stafford for all the other images! She is an incredible wedding photographer so check out her website over here at . She works for Peacock Photography so check out more of her work over here at .  What has been inspiring you lately? Planned any get togethers? Pinterest parties?!


Dream Art Studio

So I’m goin crazy crammed in my little office corner. I am blessed to have as much space as i have… but I’ve been dreaming of a larger space… not just an office but enough room for an actual studio.

Heres some studios I’ve been drooling over…

Incredible studio for printmaking. Link found here

This colorful art studio just seems to draw out creativity… love the space for multiple different projects. Might throw me into ADD mode. See more pictures here.

LOVE this antique cubby. Great for storage.. theres antique boxes and shelves all over the room that add beautiful texture and peeling paint – just love it. See more of the studio here.

This is such a bright room! Check out more shots here.

I adore this bright, clean art studio. All the storage space and table space… oh the things i would create in there! Check out dozens of pictures on Donnas blog.

This studio to the artist Marina Dorignac is inspirational.

And of course last but not least, Mae Chevrette.

I’ve posted about her beautiful art over here but just wanted to show off her incredible, funky studio.

I know, right? I love it. The texture, the greenery, the color… love it. Also check out her work…  youll love that even more 🙂 Till next time!


*For original source of each image – click image!

Weekend reading…

Nothing better than getting off work and reading while devouring some delish Chipotle!

I just got Creative, Inc. In the mail yesterday and haven’t been able to put it down since. It was so hard to go to my 9-5 today with out quitting to go out on my own… But considering the book discourages that, I’ll be patient for now. So pick it up!

Ye be waarned… may cause spontaneous A) creativity  B) quitting  C) art supply purchases

Heres a cute video from the two adorable authors:



Dream a little dream

I’ve been dreaming of owning a store for a long time… its always evolved and changed but now I know what i want it to be, where it would be, what we would sell…  and i was looking through “do it yourself” magazine and found this article.

I Like You is a hip boutique all about DIY and local artists work! I definitely think Austin needs a place like this… and i should open it 🙂 Some day…

DIY Wreaths and Advent Calendars!

Finally started Christmas decorating this year! The tree is up and I’ve got some Christmas lights on the porch so next step : wreath! I wanted to post some of my favorite handmade wreaths. This first one is cheap and easy… I am thinking about making one from old books (yay recycling! my roomie gave me that idea!) and then accent with fun colored wrapping paper.
Click on the photographs for step by step instructions! Heres another one I’ve been eyeing for a while. This one is a little more solid than the above paper wreaths. Also very clean and simple which is definitely my style 🙂
Advent Calendar:
This one is so cute! Very creative and unique. Definitely not something you would find in stores….
Click on the images to see step by step tutorials by theredthread and Design*Sponge! You guys know of any other creative DIY Christmas decor? I’ll let you guys know what i decide to do!

Your bed is WHERE?

I will tell you, i am CRAZY about hidden storage. I have about 3 ottomans with hidden storage, I am in love with storage beds with baskets and compartments… part of it comes from being a pack rat and owning a bunch of random crap – a girl needs to put it all somewhere! If you are ANYTHING like me, you need to check this site out. I will go ahead and say this is some of  THE COOLEST hidden storage furniture  I have ever seen!

“Wow, cool room!  Wait… where do you sleep?”

Honestly, I don’t think its fair to call these beauties murphy beds. These beds are ingenious, perfectly balanced pieces with sometimes 6 different uses to make the best out of any space. Can you imagine one piece of furniture that has your bed, desk, couch and storage ALL IN ONE?!

Please watch this video if you know what is good for you…

Only issue is… you have to request a quote to find out costs. That is NEVER a good sign…

But if you get one, please invite me over!

Young House Love – The Story Of Two Young People Falling In Love With Their First House

Ladies and Gents! If you haven’t already, be prepared to fall in love… with Young House Love. Sherry and John share their entire life – from when they were first married all the way to their recent family addition, baby Clara. They have every how-to on life from how to buy a house, 100s of DIY projects even share their secrets of full time bloggers! I initially found them when I was researching how to stain concrete haven’t looked back since. Honestly, I probably get on their website twice a day – always excited for a new post!

Some examples of their beautiful home:

Check them out and let me know what you think!


Whats crackalackin?

Ok here is the deal… I just recently got my first all by myself place…  I’ve been out of my parents place for ages but I’ve been moving constantly since. I think i calculated that I’ve moved about 20 times since i graduated high school… if not more. I know, crazy right? Anyway, so I’m finally settled down, graduated, full time jobin it – so things are pretty calm as far as location. No more moving cross country multiple times at least for now. So why not nest, right? I had some decent(ish) furniture at one point in my life but sold them when i moved back from Georgia. So I’m starting from scratch!

So far i have a lovely (but small) twin mattress, an incredible couch donated by my aristy mother (red italian leather sectional to be exact!) and well… thats about it!  I’m doing my best to transform this boring white box into home… and how will i do that you ask? As cheap as possible! I’m a photographer (aka starving artist) so I don’t have a lot of cash, but I’m creative and willing to get my hands dirty.

Style: I adore anything vintage. I love stuff with character – chipping paint, funky colors,  old cameras and globes, I’m trying not to buy any new furniture… theres so much great stuff out there already, why chop down a whole new tree?!

Current projects: Paint! I just painted by bathroom a very vibrant teal which may be a little over the top but hey… why not! My bedroom I tested a few colors but haven’t liked anything yet… I’m wanting a very light shade of grey green. I’m definitely down for the spa feel…

Build! – I just finished my first project! Pictures coming soooon!