Lettuce Turnip the Beet

Hey guys! I’m excited to tell ya that I’ve been selling a lot on Etsy! I’m definitely excited… its definitely something I’m doing for fun instead of for profit but its always reassuring if people are interested and making purchases! Today I’m going to be shipping to Australia! How cool is that? Anyway, I have a new print to add to my kitchen prints line. This really all started with me really needed a conversion chart in the kitchen but they were all so ugly so I made my own pretty one! They are all up on Etsy if you are interested. Anyway, this one, i think i saw the quote on a tshirt somewhere and i thought it would be really cute in the kitchen. So here ya go!


Lake Painting

Nope. Not a painting of the lake. Rather a painting i did at the lake. Back in this post i shared my wonderful vacay with my bff. Here is a shot from my set up on the deck overlooking the beautiful lake!

We decided to hang it over our couch and my husband actually loves it! I thought the pinkish hue and purples wouldn’t be his idea of awesomeness but he said, and i quote “I like the meshing. its all like… bluuuhhh… colors!” all while attempting to “mesh” with his hands. Thats my lovely husband! The art critic.

See the meshing? And the “bluuuuhhh… colors!”?  I know i do.

Its up on Etsy now if you wana see an identical beauty above your couch for your husband to critique!


First Etsy Sale!

So i posted here about finally getting an Etsy site up… so of course i am STOKED about my first TWO sales! I sold two sets of the 10 Spice labels… she wanted 22 of them so i threw in the 2 extra for free.. yea, I’m generous like that.

Of course i had to make some fun pretty packaging labels 🙂 My handwriting is horrible so of course i used my oh so lovely silhouette to write out labels with fun frames. Don’t mind the blur… privacy is obviously muy importante.

I also included a matching step by step guide for how to instal them. Isn’t it cute?!

Thanks Edna Mode (yes, that is a fake name, shes not really a superhero costume designer). Today will be marked in history forever. Bam.


Finally on Etsy! Woot!

I’ve had a lot of requests for paintings lately and I’m officially announcing, my Etsy Shop is up! Click here to check it out. I’m working on posting more housewares and paintings but be patient, I’m getting used to this. I suppose revealing this also reveals some other info… a new name and website! About time! RadDesign was honestly just all i could think of at the time. I’ve been working for a while on a new name and I’ll definitely explain in more detail when its closer to being ready, but I’m stoked! Can’t wait to unveil it. In the mean time, you could get a slight glimpse by checking out the Etsy shop.

So head on over and check it out! Thanks for the love!


DIY Succulents

For the wedding we used a lot of beautiful succulents as centerpieces… i’ve always been a sucker for them and i figured i could keep using them after the wedding! For those of you that know me at all know that i have no green thumb whatsoever (especially after reading this post). BUT thats the great things about succulents… they are much harder to kill. Though i will still be surprised if they last till spring. I have definitely enjoyed having them throughout the apartment though!

Aren’t they beautiful?! I love the mixture of the green succulents with the blue and teal tea light holders from West Elm. These guys are SO cute and i have more in our bedroom with the Violet glass as well. The picture below is from West Elms site (such a cute picture, huh?!) Anyway, LOVE all the colors.

Photo from West Elm

I also have the table runners from the wedding covering my whole desk… Love it!

Anyway, below are some awesome DIY projects that you can do with succulents. They are clingly little plants that are very versitile and grow just as well sideways as straight up. You can also trim a few leaves off and replant it to grow a whole new succulent!

This incredible DIY Succulent picture frames is from Better Homes and Gardens. Click on the link for a full step by step tutorial… MUCH more simple than it looks!

Photo by Better Homes and Gardens.
How about a DIY wreath? Its a nice way to put a unique touch on the holidays! Can also be used as a table centerpiece with. DIY found at Prudent Baby. Full step by step tutorial is on their website!

Photo from Prudent Baby
Heres a sweet DIY Cement Planter by Re-nest

Photo by Re-nest
Here is a fun “centerpiece” for an outdoor table by Far out Flora

Photo by Far out Flora

If you want to buy your own succulents… buy them off Etsy! The Succulent Garden sells trimmings as well as potted succulents in all shapes sizes and colors! You can start your own garden with only a few bucks. Enjoy!