Hey Gorgeous!

Ok, im usually not into brand new houses. I love the 70s, i love the 30s… i miss the beautiful houses in Savannah and all their weird qwerks. BUT with that said, Rhi from Hey Gorgeous Events bought one of THE most fabulous houses ever. I mean its stinking adorable. I love every detail about it. How bright every room is, the arched ceilings, the built ins… Oh I just wonder what sort of house I would have if it was built from scratch. Anyway, she has posted the initial interiors and her kitchen after they moved in. Be prepared for cute perfection.

Le gasp!

Two toned grey with a YELLOW front door?! (passes out)

Seriously, are you prepared for the most adorable kitchen of all kitchens?

I really cant handle this adorable vintage blue drink cart.

Eww! cat… Well, I guess it can’t be perfect…


Seriously, how cute are these two four? I can’t wait till she posts shots of the rest of the place! Soon please, Rhi! Check out more shots of her place here, here and here. If you want to check out her amazing wedding design (along with breathtaking photography) check out her site and blog. Now I’m off to track down a blue cart on Craigslist…


Going Home to Roost

Ok, theres a million houses that i love… this one – i love EVERY detail. The living room, the kitchen, the details, the colors, the windows… oh my goodness. Bonnie from Going Home to Roost has done a fabulous job of transforming an old barn into one of the cutest, brightest, most inviting spaces! Enjoy this fabulous home eye candy:

Wasn’t that just fabulous? Every image is by Bonnie from Going Home to Roost! Head over and read her blog… theres many DIY posts, how to grow a garden and how to go vegan! I’m definitely a carnivore but theres a lot of great ideas on how to eat more veggies and eat healthier. Check it out!


Dream Art Studio

So I’m goin crazy crammed in my little office corner. I am blessed to have as much space as i have… but I’ve been dreaming of a larger space… not just an office but enough room for an actual studio.

Heres some studios I’ve been drooling over…

Incredible studio for printmaking. Link found here

This colorful art studio just seems to draw out creativity… love the space for multiple different projects. Might throw me into ADD mode. See more pictures here.

LOVE this antique cubby. Great for storage.. theres antique boxes and shelves all over the room that add beautiful texture and peeling paint – just love it. See more of the studio here.

This is such a bright room! Check out more shots here.

I adore this bright, clean art studio. All the storage space and table space… oh the things i would create in there! Check out dozens of pictures on Donnas blog.

This studio to the artist Marina Dorignac is inspirational.

And of course last but not least, Mae Chevrette.

I’ve posted about her beautiful art over here but just wanted to show off her incredible, funky studio.

I know, right? I love it. The texture, the greenery, the color… love it. Also check out her work…  youll love that even more 🙂 Till next time!


*For original source of each image – click image!

The Lovely Nest

Oh i adore when i find a new beautiful blog to follow. This one is just crazy to me… our style is identical. No seriously. Usually most blogs theres a few things posted that im just not crazy about. With Lovely Nest, i.love.everything.

Starting out with her blog design – adorbs.

Great funiture before and afters? Of course;

Globes? that are DIY HAND PAINTED?

Adorable interior design… of course!

Check out The Lovely Nest! You wont be disappointed. Oh fyi, her most recent post features an adorable 7 week old puppy. yup. a puppy. You’ve been warned.


Cocoa & Hearts

Do you know Madebygirl yet? She is one of those blogs i can’t go a day without reading… her style, her love for color, her paintings have always been inspirational. In fact, her beautiful office was huge inspiration for my newly updated office! Jen Ramos is an incredible designer and graphic artist that proves you can make a living off blogging and online sales. Jen recently just opened her new shop called Cocoa & Hearts an online shop for all of her original paintings. They are all acrylic on canvas and generally pretty large – 48 inches long! They are definitely statement pieces

And good for Jen – most of her paintings were sold in only a week or two! Incredible! But don’t worry – there are still more to purchase and also she will be coming out with some 8x10s for the oh so stylish yet oh so broke ones of us! Go check the place out and check back often – she’s a paint-o-holic and I’m sure will add new work weekly.


Spring Sales!

You know you love a good sale…. i headed over to the oh so lovely (yet slightly overpriced) Container Store! I’ve been trying to redesign my art studio/office grey and yellow but for some reason… spring doesn’t include the color yellow? Seriously, does that make sense?!

Ok just look at all of these cute boxes! The problem? Do you see ANY yellow ANYWHERE?! No!

So since i had zero luck finding any yellow storage, i just went with white. Honestly, did i miss something? Is yellow a no no these days? I went to MULTIPLE stores and found almost nothing yellow! Anyway, heres a quick shot of the bin i got when i was running out to the car. That takes some good self restraint to go into the Container store and only leave with ONE item! Go me!

After not a ton of success at the Container Store… there was a lovely Crate & Barrel just across the street… and who doesn’t love going into C&B?

These really make me wish i had a porch again… at least one that isn’t covered with mud and doggie poo poo (if you missed the memo, read this so you don’t think I’m nuts)

Doesn’t that just look lovely? I could see me sitting on my porch over the lake with a cup o joe in the morning reading different blogs…. (sigh)

I’ve always loved this series… just the colors and patterns all together just rock my face off.

Ok, so i know some people don’t understand the white furniture thing.. but don’t you just love this? It just looks clean and sleek and makes all your bold accessories just POP! Love it. By the way, i also left C&B without buying a thing… that just takes mad talent.

Done any fun shopping lately? Have a favorite store? Let me know where all the goods are!

Oh, vivre à Paris…

This incredible 4 star hotel in Paris called La Belle Juliette, is a beautiful combination of classic + bold. This is definitely not how i would decorate my house… but there is a lot of inspiration i could take from these images. Who knew i would love a hot pink couch?!


(Found on Desire to InspirePhotos by Jerome d’Almeida)

Before & After: Stereo Cabinet Inspiration

If you’ve kept up with my blog you know I’ve dreamed of refurbishing a vintage stereo cabinet with updated gadgets including new receiver, speakers, ipod dock and a working record player. Eventually maybe finally purchase a tv (its true kids, i dont own a television! duh duh du naaaa!) maybe a flat screen to put above it attached to the wall. Well i found a great buy on craigslist that needs a lot of love… the pictures are rather misleading – looks like a quality piece but the front panels are actually plastic and all the electronics are about as useful as an ejector seat in a helicopter.

Anyway, here is the first stage of Gregory’s project. It actually looks very similar to my cabinet at step one (there is hope!)

Here he guts the cabinet (the stage where I’m at currently)

and then he sanded it…

Sadly I’m having to take a much longer route and use a chemical stripper to remove the varnish. The issue is mine is veneer so sanding is always a bit of a gamble incase you completely sand off the veneer!

And here is the final piece!

I love the mix of vintage with modern. Sadly he just turned this into storage and never put the electronics back in (which is really that part I’m struggling to figure out!) I’ll post pictures soon! I plan to work on her more this weekend.

Heres links to Gregorys whole progress on the piece:

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3

Part #4

Part #5

Part #6

Part #7

Weekend reading…

Nothing better than getting off work and reading while devouring some delish Chipotle!

I just got Creative, Inc. In the mail yesterday and haven’t been able to put it down since. It was so hard to go to my 9-5 today with out quitting to go out on my own… But considering the book discourages that, I’ll be patient for now. So pick it up!

Ye be waarned… may cause spontaneous A) creativity  B) quitting  C) art supply purchases

Heres a cute video from the two adorable authors:



Look through 300 lenses at once…

I suppose this is just photography day 🙂 I just stumbled across these images and was pretty floored. Initially i thought they were some sort of acrylic or oil painting. The artist, Switzerland-based Corinne Vionnet, conducts an online search and sifts through photo sharing sites and carefully layers 200-300 photos on top of one another until she gets her desired result.

Its pretty amazing – you can see silhouettes of hundred of figures and unique angles. It so interesting that you are looking through hundreds of lenses at the same moment…

Check out other work at CorinneVionnet.com.