Inspiration: Before & After kitchen nook

So some fun news… we officially have a dining table and chairs! Woot! “Where on earth would you fit it?” I know you’re asking. Lets just say, me and the hubs spent all day rearranging every piece of furniture in our entire apartment. So hopefully I’ll take some pictures to show you.

So i adore the table. It’s a classic “farmer” table with the wood top and white painted legs. Perfectly fits 6 and its just too cute. And then theres the chairs. They definitely match but they just don’t match us. So we are on the hunt for our first piece of furniture purchase as a married couple: dining chairs. I know what else you’re thinking; “Umm, didn’t ya’ll just buy the whole set?” Nope. Randomly hanging out with some friends that were trying to figure out which goodwill to dump their table. Then I said “our apartment”.  And done. How sweet is that?! Now we can eat at a table instead of on the couch! You guys have no clue – i would make a beautiful steak dinner… and then serve it on the couch. Oh it was just sad. But no more!

Anyway, when i eat at the table, I’m usually there a lot so i definitely need some cushion for the tush. I’ve been looking around everywhere for some chairs that we could afford on a mini budget. And of course, I’m 98% sure they are from ikea. I’ll let you know when we cross that road but until then. Check out this AMAZING before and after from Liz at It’s Great to be Home.

YES! That is the same nook. Can you believe it?! Such an incredible difference. I love the flooring, the built ins got a beautiful facelift… and just look at those chairs. So cute!

Can you believe they are PAINTED? Yes. Liz painted her kitchen chairs. And they are stinkin cute! Check out the whole step by step on Liz’s blog over here.

The more i read about these chairs, the more im pretty sure its a done deal. You will find out soon though! Until then, check out Liz’s blog all about her 5 house flips in 3 years! Its one of the most incredible stories on the interwebs. So read it.


Lettuce Turnip the Beet

Hey guys! I’m excited to tell ya that I’ve been selling a lot on Etsy! I’m definitely excited… its definitely something I’m doing for fun instead of for profit but its always reassuring if people are interested and making purchases! Today I’m going to be shipping to Australia! How cool is that? Anyway, I have a new print to add to my kitchen prints line. This really all started with me really needed a conversion chart in the kitchen but they were all so ugly so I made my own pretty one! They are all up on Etsy if you are interested. Anyway, this one, i think i saw the quote on a tshirt somewhere and i thought it would be really cute in the kitchen. So here ya go!

Design Star

I have multiple blogs that i follow almost daily. I tend to panic if i dont get some Young House Love or MadebyGirl into my daily schedule. Amy at  Lovely Nest is at the top of the list… read all about her beautiful design and fabulous blog design over here. She recently she posted about Design Star… now, we don’t have cable so I miss out on all the good HGTV shows out there but OF COURSE, Amy decided to blog about a FABULOUS kitchen that was on Design Star this week. So… i jumped on my computer and watched 3 episodes in a row. Who knew there were full episodes online?! Anyway, i am completely in love with this beautifully designed kitchen!

How cute is this!? I love the yellow and turquoise color palate with the modern vintage feel. i ADORE the bakers rack – i love having metal and wood together and it just adds so much character. I also have a new found love for round breakfast tables. It just looks like a place where i can just have some girls over and chat over coffee. or wine.

And seriously – just look at this buffet. How can you buy matching room sets or crappy ikea furniture when you could have something with so much character and texture?! Don’t get me wrong – i love me some ikea (obviously if you read my post on friday) but for furniture, id much rather put down some extra time into fixing up an old piece than buying particle board that will just break in 6 months.

I’m only a few episodes in but I’m definitely looking forward to watching this episode!

All images by HGTV

Thanks Amy for sharing this beautiful space… I definitely know what color theme to go with in my kitchen now…


ATX Digs

I love finding really fun and unique homes. I love it even more when they are from my hometown, Austin, Texas! The McCarthys were only in this home for SEVEN months before they almost completely transformed this house. Every room has quirky prints, bright colors and unique design. To see the original article on Design*Sponge and more pictures, click here. Read Bailey’s blog, Peppermint Bliss for design tips. All photography by the lovely Paige Newton Photography!

Image above: who wouldn’t love sailboat wall paper and quatrefoil tile?! I know i would…

A lot of furniture is from estate sales, hand me downs or from her old own in Chicago.

Ok seriously, does this chick love to take chances with fun wallpaper or what?!

I love this kitchen and the two part door… modern feel with older touches. Love it!

This picture definitely tells me these are Austinites. Who else would have longhorns above a guest bed? Hook em Horns!!

Yup, more fun wall paper!

This one would definitely be my husbands favorite part of the house. Freaking awesome shower. I love the unique look of it thats its almost window panes.

So many elements of this house I’m drooling over! Found any cool houses lately?

Have a good weekend!


Kitchen Art

So these guys all started from my constant need to check kitchen conversions online – im just bad at remembering how many cups in a liter, tablespoons in teaspoons, etc. so i decided to make a quick an easy “art” guide right there on the wall. So i made some more 🙂 Find them all on my Etsy shop, here! Without the logo at the bottom, of course!

Cant wait to see this guys in my kitchen:

Can you tell I got a part time job at starbucks?!

Also made this chart to remember cooking temperatures – super helpful!

Hopefully these art charts will be helpful while cooking up some delish grub!


Top Ten: Kitchen!

I love the kitchen! Theres nothing more fun than experimenting (and epically failing) with new recipes. I’ve got a lot of stuff that i just adore and would flip if I didn’t have it in the kitchen. Check out this list to find some of my favorites in the kitchen!

1. Court Dinnerware Set

What would we do without these!? Somehow we have yet to chip or break a single one in over six months! If you knew how clumsy i am, you’d be very surprised.  The bowls are the perfect size, the plates are the perfect size and the simple square shape is great! If you’re in need of some dinnerware, I highly suggest these! Purchase from Crate and Barrel here .

2. Chevron Dishtowels

I don’t know how long I went without a good set of dishtowels. These are just adorable! I love the texture and pattern so I might have bought a few sets of them. Purchased from Anthropologie over here.

3. Cuisinart 9 cup Food Processor

I wasn’t much of a cook before I got married so things like “food processors” were definitely foreign objects to me. Pretty much still are but this is the perfect size for 2 people or a small dinner party. If you have a family of 10, I’d suggest going up a size! Purchase this sucker over here.

4. Mixing Bowl Set

It might sound silly that mixing bowls might be one of my favorite things in the kitchen… but going from having 2 crappy bowls to six with so many sizes and adorable colors. It just makes me happy! They are also very well made – i beat these up a lot and theres not a single scratch on them.  From Crate and Barrel over here

5. Hammered Metal Flatware Set

Think about it. You use flatware constantly. Other than a pop tart, most food you eat with a fork or spoon so getting a good set is crucial.  I love these because I prefer the little forks and Kenny prefers the big forks (so weird how that works, right?) The large spoons are perfect for soup and cereal while the normal ones are good for everything else! I love the hammered metal look and of course, functionality! Since we registered on Crate and Barrel, a ton of our stuff came from here… so buy them here!

6. Mr. Coffee

So this is one of those items that i would take on a deserted island with me. If i had an unlimited power source and coffee beans grew on the island, of course. I’ve had this thing since… forever. Its probably about 10 years old but we still use it almost every day. I thought about getting one of those fancy Keurig doo hickies, but nothing beats a basic, delish cup o coffee. You can really just purchase these anywhere. Target, Walmart, etc.

7. Owl Measuring Cups

How flipping cute are these? A gift from my sweet sister, Erin, these are a decorative/functional necessity in my kitchen. If i could purchase everything at West Elm, I would. Pick them up here.

8. Mini salt & pepper Mills

So i have a basic large set of salt and pepper for all my cooking, but for the table (err.. coffee table for now) we use these! They are so cute and as weird as this sounds, its actually fun to use them. Somehow, we have only had to fill up the salt once in six months. They are, of course, Crate and Barrel over  here.

9. Yellow Rug

Ok this is one thing on this list i dont actually own.. but i want to! I actually got a carpet from Target that i use for cooking. Dang, my feet get tired on the hardwood without any rugs. So if we had the cash, i’d pick this one up! Grab it over  here.

10. Double Walled Glasses

Introducing: Kenny’s other love. These glasses are the bomb dot com. They are great for coffee – keeps it hot but doesnt burn your hand, and cold stuff is awesome – no condensation! And we have yet to break these either.. i might be jinxing myself. Get them (shocker) from Crate and Barrel right here.

11. BONUS! Modernist Bowls

I LOVE these bowls from West Elm. So cute! Since most of our dinnerware is simple white and square, i love the splash of color these beautiful bowls bring… they are also the perfect size for some ice cream! Still online but not sure how much longer, grab them over here.

Seriously… pick some of this stuff up. Its awesome. And eye candy.


DIY Mother Day gifts

I dont know about you guys, but im flat broke. I tend to not even do anything for mothers day! I know… im a bad daughter. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! Heres a list of fun DIY ideas to make your mom something fun, pretty or yummy this mothers day. At at only a few bucks each, theres no excuse not to! Most of these I found off of the lovely Pinterest or off fabtabulous blogs!

Clay Petal Vase

Simple project with just a vase and stone clay. Run over to Centsational Girl for the full DIY here

Handmade Bath Fizzies

There are multiple handmade Spa goodies over on go check it out and other DIYs like Body scrubs, lip balm and of course, Bath Fizzies!

DIY Lace Bowl

Always loved this project and wanted to give it a go. For the whole DIY check it out over here.

Hand painted Porcelin

For just 5 bucks you can pick up a Pebeo Porcelaine paint parker and hand paint on some white mugs. Full DIY here. I like the idea to stick with a theme such as botanical… makes the set really go together. Theres also a free template as well!

Personalized Scarf

Heres another project that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. You’ve got two options, either take a white scarf and use Fabric markers like in the DIY featured here… OR use a colored scarf and a bleach pen! Most likely you already have one… paint, let it sit for 10-15 minutes and wash it off under running water. Thrown them in the wash and thats it! Cant wait to try this project.


You BETTER do something for yo mama this year… you have no excuse now.

Much love!



So i love that i didnt disclose this information before i left, but last week i went on a 6 day road trip to Arizona and this week I’m kicking back at the lake 🙂 Yay for random vacations!

Arizona was amazing! According to google maps it took 14 hours and 46 minutes each way for a total of 30 hours of driving. At least we didnt walk because that would take 25 days and 18 hours non stop. Oh google maps.

Heres a few shots of the trip. We passed about 10 trains (or the same train 10 times?)

I drove all that way to meet my new grandma and grandpa (my Father in law’s parents)! They couldn’t make it out to the wedding so we decided to go visit them!

Here is Grandpa Clarance. Isn’t he just the cutest grandpa you’ve ever seen? He is great… and so much like Kenny’s dad. He is very quiet but so funny! He makes the most witty comments and just enjoys spending time with the fam. And since he has no teeth, he blends everything. Its pretty awesome, this guy has the best diet of anyone that i know! Although, we did catch him throwing a cookie or two in there as well!

And here is sweet Nellie on the left! She was one of THE sweetest women I’ve ever met. She made me so welcome and made me feel even more like part of the family.  I am so blessed to have two new adorable grandparents!

Another cool thing … they were determined to hand down a ton of stuff. And i mean everything they could get their hands on. Its definitely hard for me to accept stuff from people i just met… but id love for my (future) kids to have things from their great grand parents!

This sucker is definitely me and Kenny’s favorite… an awesome old school oil lamp – we have already used the crud out of it! We are such pyros. But seriously, how sweet is this!?

I also got a ton of really soft, colorful scarves and fabrics… Love them! Cant wait to figure out what fun project I want to do with them!  I definitely dont want to cut them up or ruin them. Any suggestions?

Ok, how stinkin cool are these glasses?

Theres nothing i love more then well loved old books.

Heres some random fun kitchen stuff that will definitely be put to good use!

I am so blessed to have two new loving (and stinkin adorable) grandparents in my life! I definitely can’t wait to go visit again and get to know them even more!


Oh! And one thing i just HAVE to post is these amazing photos… before i explain them, please just enjoy the awesomeness that is the super weird pictures…

They are doing the Lion Face workout. If you havent seen it (or tried it) you’re missing out on a younger face. Or at least a good laugh… so if theres one thing you do in life, please watch this video. Its amazeballs.

DIY Recipe Box

So i cant cook. Not by a long shot. Every time i try to without a recipe, its pretty awful to be honest. So i desperately need some delish recipes to make me some delish food. So a while back i got this sucker… a basic mini notecard holder. Pretty lame, i know but it did the trick.

For the wedding, Kenny’s oh so sweet Aunt gave us this guy full of family recipes! Its the perfect size, lots of space and pre loaded with yummy ideas. Only problem… not super easy on the eyes. What can i say? I’m picky…. so how do you fix it? Cover it in some pretty paper!


And then whip out the ol Silhouette

Much better! This will fit nicely in my kitchen.

Next throw on a few layers of mod podge to make the paper a little pasta sauce-proof. Check out how perfectly this guy fits into my kitchen! Stupid plugs… so convenient for cooking but not at all for epic pictures.

I just like that it brings more color and pattern into the kitchen.

Heres all the different categories. Wish i could tell you how to make these, by my Aunt included these in the box! They are printed on photo paper though so im sure youve just gotta get the measurements right. Heres all the categories:

  • Appetizers
  • Main Courses
  • Soups
  • Sides
  • Desserts
  • Cookies
  • Breads
  • MISC
  • Drinks

Oh and the font i got for the lid is a handwritten font that i grabbed for free over here. Over at Fonts for Peas they have tons of handwritten fonts that are all adorbs and all free so go check em out and download a few (or 20 like me)!

By the way, how cute is this guy? I needed a timer so why not get one thats flippin adorbs. Hes also got lil owl measuring cup friends to one side and another birdie to the other. That guy opens beer with his butt. For serious. It definitely makes cooking more fun when you have little friends everywhere. So cute!

Midnight Pinning

Ok, so i thought id post what images ive been drooling over these days….

Oh man, i am so in love with these tables… Youve got function, comfort and storage! Doesnt this space just look cozy? Thank the beautiful Jane over at ModernJaneDesign for the lovely image.

How about a wonderful Ikea hack!

Wow! i love this… beautiful way to hide a not so beautiful printer. Run over to PB&JStories for the full run down. This shot made me run straight to Craigstlist to look for a good piece for my office… no luck yet.

Garden for my apartment? Yes please…

Oh my goodness, im in love with this outdoor garden. Im pretty sure its perfect for an apartment. I’ve been dreaming of starting my own apartment sized veggie garden. Maybe i could hack or track down something similar and get started! How lovely would that be to just walk out onto your porch for some fresh carrots and peas?! Too bad i still have a black thumb. One step at a time. This beaut was found over at Flor e Ser.

What have you been digging lately?