I love lamp

For freelancing, its important to have a good “office space” at your casa. Especially for me. i get very distracted and need a creative, calming space to be able to really sit down and get to work. I got this glass lamp from Target a few months ago and its been a life saver – especially when i work late at night which tends to happen a lot. I have to have some really nice lighting.

Its been such a great lamp but i saw this shade at Target and i just had to have it. I made googly eyes at Kenny as i held the shade like a baby. He said “it definitely looks like you” and that was the end of it. She was comin home with me! Lamp shades are a great way to bring color into a space and i definitely am a sucker for yellow these days. And pattern on pattern? I dig it. I dont think i could ever have too much pattern. Plus having a small grey pattern with a large yellow one just makes me happy, ill be honest. Plus my little wooden dude loves it, so its a done deal.




Top Ten

Introducing: Top Ten! A series featuring top tens. Top ten what? Who knows. Top ten printmaking artists, top ten high heels, top ten product designs… top ten ways to go bungee jumping. Who knows. Thats the fun of it. Enjoy!

What the heck is that? Dwell Creative? Who knows. We might find out soon. Maybe. Anyway, on with the list!

1. First off, i have no idea how long this fake-animal-head-on-the-wall fad is going to last.. but i like it. Much better than read dead animals. Eww. Anyway, isnt this just the freakin coolest thing in the world? The polygon double deer is by the artist Koehi Nawa who has much more incredible work on his site. Considering this is the only piece in existence (for now), im pretty sure it would be pretty dang expensive.

2 & 3. Ok, doesnt that picture just make you want to go buy everything? It does for me. Atleast the poufs and the geometric side table. Both are from Crate and Barrel. I just love the bold colors and modern Moroccan look! Turns out the poufs are made in Minnesota. Not so much Moroccan. Still love them.

4. This sectional from CB2. Considering i have a huge maroon couch, I’m dreaming of a nice grey or neutral couch i could sink into. Im not dissing our couch, its just really hard to match with maroon! Just sayin.

5. I’ve been eyeing the arc floor lamp for years now. Love the 70s look while its great for saving on floor space. Also from Crate and Barrel.

6. I love that all you need is a throw pillow or two to completely change a room. Especially if its a few Caitlin Wilson Textiles pillows. ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE! Ok no really, its just i love the colors and patterns. Its not like its a unicorn or something.

7. First off, let me just say that i am an artist without an easel. That is not ok. Second, isn’t this the coolest freakin easel you’ve ever seen? Its freakin clear! Love it. Damn you, CB2.

8. If you ever read my blog, i might have posted about these rugs 2 days ago. But they are just so beautiful to my eyes! Amy Butler. Always rocking my face off with her awesome patterns and colors.

9. You always need a good painting. Even if its a print of a good painting. At 300 bucks, its a bit pricy for a print. Ok its overpriced. But i still like it. Its better than the 3,000 painting I was going to put up. Ok so i swear im not sponsored by C&B but for some reason it sounds like i am. funny how stuff turns out.

10. I love plants. Even though i always end up killing them. I still love them and attempt to keep them around. Found out that i have 17 plants in our little one bedroom apartment. I’m telling you, i love me some plants. Especially succulents. Especially succulents in adorable terrariums from Zgallerie.

Whelp, there was the first ever Top Ten! I suppose it should have been Top Ten Crate and Barrel finds.. but I’m not going back now! By the way… its 2am and I literally haven’t stopped working since 10 this morning. Thats what happens when i sleep in… i stay up! Ok, ok, finally headed to bed! G’night! Err… morning…


So i love that i didnt disclose this information before i left, but last week i went on a 6 day road trip to Arizona and this week I’m kicking back at the lake 🙂 Yay for random vacations!

Arizona was amazing! According to google maps it took 14 hours and 46 minutes each way for a total of 30 hours of driving. At least we didnt walk because that would take 25 days and 18 hours non stop. Oh google maps.

Heres a few shots of the trip. We passed about 10 trains (or the same train 10 times?)

I drove all that way to meet my new grandma and grandpa (my Father in law’s parents)! They couldn’t make it out to the wedding so we decided to go visit them!

Here is Grandpa Clarance. Isn’t he just the cutest grandpa you’ve ever seen? He is great… and so much like Kenny’s dad. He is very quiet but so funny! He makes the most witty comments and just enjoys spending time with the fam. And since he has no teeth, he blends everything. Its pretty awesome, this guy has the best diet of anyone that i know! Although, we did catch him throwing a cookie or two in there as well!

And here is sweet Nellie on the left! She was one of THE sweetest women I’ve ever met. She made me so welcome and made me feel even more like part of the family.  I am so blessed to have two new adorable grandparents!

Another cool thing … they were determined to hand down a ton of stuff. And i mean everything they could get their hands on. Its definitely hard for me to accept stuff from people i just met… but id love for my (future) kids to have things from their great grand parents!

This sucker is definitely me and Kenny’s favorite… an awesome old school oil lamp – we have already used the crud out of it! We are such pyros. But seriously, how sweet is this!?

I also got a ton of really soft, colorful scarves and fabrics… Love them! Cant wait to figure out what fun project I want to do with them!  I definitely dont want to cut them up or ruin them. Any suggestions?

Ok, how stinkin cool are these glasses?

Theres nothing i love more then well loved old books.

Heres some random fun kitchen stuff that will definitely be put to good use!

I am so blessed to have two new loving (and stinkin adorable) grandparents in my life! I definitely can’t wait to go visit again and get to know them even more!


Oh! And one thing i just HAVE to post is these amazing photos… before i explain them, please just enjoy the awesomeness that is the super weird pictures…

They are doing the Lion Face workout. If you havent seen it (or tried it) you’re missing out on a younger face. Or at least a good laugh… so if theres one thing you do in life, please watch this video. Its amazeballs.