More fun news!

Oh! NEWS TIME! So there is good news and bad news. Badish news first: we are officially not getting a house… yet. We were pre-approved which rocks but we decided instead of moving directly into a fixer upper and having to focus on that, we can just focus on the whole marriage thing instead. We are both happy with the decision and theres always time to be homeowners in the future.

So the good news: We got an apartment and i move in on MONDAY!!! What what!! For serious you guys. I am beyond stoked…  Sweet Kenny will have to move in with his parents (hey, free food and rent!) until the wedding but he doesnt mind at all… yay mooching! So this means I will have more than just 2 rooms to decorate… whoot!

Lets have a fun pros/cons list, shall we?

Things that I will not miss about my current living situation:

  • Livin under the airport. I swear, they barely miss our house every time they pass by
  • poop on the bathroom wall (for real… please dont ask, i have no clue)
  • dirty dishes 98% of the time
  • couches soaked in dog pee
Things that I will miss:
  • Spending a lot of time quality time annoying my big brother
  • Having a large office/art studio
  • a back yard and doggie door for Maggie
  • not having to go up three flights of stairs

So anyway, here is the floor plan of the new digs:

Yea… two porches, bay windows, massive walk in closet, garden tub… all the rooms are huge. Oh, and its pretty dang cheap. I love austin : )  So i never realized how important it is to me to have windows… but when we were looking for houses, we would find rooms with ZERO windows. Eww. It looked like a jail cell… anyway this guys got 11 windows! Love love love…

The only main issue is my office. Working from home is amazing but we are tryin to save $ so a 2 bedroom wouldn’t make sense. My thinking is to just use the “dining” space as my office space so that way i have tons of windows to distract me with but a nice little nook to really work in. Plus we dont have a dining table yet so we wouldn’t have anything else to put in there anyway.

As far as the porches, I am beyond stoked that I finally will have outdoor space again! My outdoor sectional and lounge chair have been collecting dust in the garage instead of soaking up the sun so I cant wait to sip some coffee on the porch with a good book.

I guess this means I should actually FINISH the dang thing! I just need some big huge fluffy pillows and some fun throw pillows. Since the seats are such bright colors i thought if the backrests were the same color it would be overload… would two tones be weird? just a fun linen texture or a light grey…. maybe a navy?  oh the choices…

Of course we will be hauling Big Red up three flights of stairs so that should be interesting:

Note: puppy pictured has since been replaced with an upgraded Maggie version. Just kidding. Thats just my roommates pup Obie Wan Kenobi. 

So i have no clue yet how I will have an office… maybe i just need a big bookcase to put all this stuff in.

I dont know if my door desk will even fit! Maybe i can just cut it down a bit and paint it… who knows! I didn’t measure the space so I really have no idea what is going to fit and what wont. Plus theres the whole… husband’s furniture thing once he moves it. Crap! Well, i guess that is what closets are for. Joke… hes got some good fun stuff. Including swords. That he wants on the mantel. Wait, we don’t have a mantel. But just somewhere important. Yea, swords. They were passed down from his grandma (apparently she is a super cool lady since she decorates with swords!) So it should be interesting combining stuff.

Oh! and we dont have a washer or dryer… sounds like I’m going to be swinging by my friend’s apartment a lot! I guess i didn’t mention that either, a good friend already lives in the complex  (we will name her “Honey Ryder”)… so I’m pumped to go to the pool and gym with her like… every 5 hours to get in hot bride shape. Seriously, yo! I’m determined. Hooray for embarrassing workout videos in the living room!!

What else? Oh, my sweet hand-me-down barstools from my oh so stylish mother will be put to use again! The kitchen has an awesome bar which will have to be our dining table until we build or refurnish an actual table. Forget buying. I’m so over buying furniture. Thats a lie. I put these sweet chairs (from CB2) on my wedding registry (they are actually cheaper than most chairs i found at target! woot!)

Pretty sweet lookin, huh? I guess i should run it over with the ol ball and chain (yes, that applies to dudes too) but I definitely have been trying to decorate for a guy as well. And lets be honest here… my style is fairly masculine to begin with. Ok wait, i did register for these cute little porcelain love bunnies…

No seriously. I really did. But just look how dang cute they are! You know you want one. I know you’re just waiting for me to tell you where i got them from so you can go pick one up. Hmm… i’ll think about it.

Anyway, so I am going to spend the entire weekend packing… and shopping. What? Its tax free weekend here in the ATX! Gotta get me some wedding shoes! Speaking of… whadya think about these guys?

I’m pretty sure i may have just given my mother-in-law a panic attack with that one. No, I am not REALLY going to wear these down the isle. Though it would be pretty sweet… Oh and i just decided to call my mother-in-law “Phyllis” on the ol blog. Why? Only because shes the best character on The Office, of course. Keep in mind though, my mother-in-law A. looks nothing like Phyllis or even has the mannerisms of Phyllis B. isn’t your typical mother-in-law. Why, you might ask? Because i actually like her : ) scratch that, love her. And no, im not just saying that because its 4am or because I’m pretty sure she reads my blog. (Hi, Phyllis!) Lets just say shes pretty awesome lady that likes to rock some pretty sweet leather pants and dance for about 5 hours straight. Can you say that about your mother in law? Case in point. Random tangent… it’s now 5am so i have an excuse.

Point is… I’m movin out and its about time! Love my brosif but I’m beyond pumped to have my own place then live with a dude that is cleaner than me. I know right! Love my mother-in-law AND have a clean future husband? I really am blessed…


* Did anyone catch the 007 reference? anyone?

**Bunnies are from UrbanOutfitters. Go on, i know you wana get them : )


Spring Sales!

You know you love a good sale…. i headed over to the oh so lovely (yet slightly overpriced) Container Store! I’ve been trying to redesign my art studio/office grey and yellow but for some reason… spring doesn’t include the color yellow? Seriously, does that make sense?!

Ok just look at all of these cute boxes! The problem? Do you see ANY yellow ANYWHERE?! No!

So since i had zero luck finding any yellow storage, i just went with white. Honestly, did i miss something? Is yellow a no no these days? I went to MULTIPLE stores and found almost nothing yellow! Anyway, heres a quick shot of the bin i got when i was running out to the car. That takes some good self restraint to go into the Container store and only leave with ONE item! Go me!

After not a ton of success at the Container Store… there was a lovely Crate & Barrel just across the street… and who doesn’t love going into C&B?

These really make me wish i had a porch again… at least one that isn’t covered with mud and doggie poo poo (if you missed the memo, read this so you don’t think I’m nuts)

Doesn’t that just look lovely? I could see me sitting on my porch over the lake with a cup o joe in the morning reading different blogs…. (sigh)

I’ve always loved this series… just the colors and patterns all together just rock my face off.

Ok, so i know some people don’t understand the white furniture thing.. but don’t you just love this? It just looks clean and sleek and makes all your bold accessories just POP! Love it. By the way, i also left C&B without buying a thing… that just takes mad talent.

Done any fun shopping lately? Have a favorite store? Let me know where all the goods are!

Sew Rad

Man, i am beyond cheesey these days. Deal with it. Ok so i realized the other day that i never posted about a small little project i did a while back…. my outdoor sectional! Crazy! This was my first furniture build and my first time to sew anything! SO here we go… If you dont already know and love Mrs. Ana White, you definitely need to meet her (and then “accidently” spend 3 hours searching through her site for furniture you  HAVE to build).

Now, I’m a huge outdoor person… always have been. And my last apartment (which i miss dearly now that i live in this yucky boys house) had an AMAZING porch – pretty large AND it overlooked the lake! Seriously breath taking every morning… the issue is… I’d just ahve to stand there. Because again, I’m a recent graduate where the only furniture you have is bean bags and crappy dorm room stuff. Anyway, so i stumbled across this beauty:

*enter heavenly music here*  I HAD to build it. SO i bought wood, borrowed some tools that day and started to build:

And then, voila!

I was super impressed: not only did it look great, it was SUPER sturdy too! So fabric was purchased:

Purchased outdoor fabric for cheap over at  I then decided to tackle my first sewing project (with the help of Ana again with these outdoor cushion plans, and my mommy, of course!)

Then after about 57 mishaps with staining, sewing and other small disasters, i introduce to you… my first furniture build!:

So then, of course, Ana decides to post an entire outdoor sectional:

GOSH ANA! SERIOUSLY?! But the great thing about this plan, you can build it piece by piece. One end piece here, one center piece there… and you end up with this:

Isn’t she pretty?! I never got a chance to finish the back cushions… and the sad part of the story? Half of her is at my boyfriend’s apartment and the other half is IN THE GARAGE FOR STORAGE! Sad sad sad story…. but this project started my crazy furniture desires to become a reality. This week i refinished an office chair and will finish building my new office desk this week! The key to start building something… just go buy the wood. If you force yourself to do that, you’re just going to have to try! You might suprise yourself….

*All graphics by Ana White


Dream Backyard.. sigh…

I adore the moroccan/modern theme!  Great colors, textures and depth to a fun space. The part that gets me, is both the couch and the headboard above it were left behind from the previous owners! So the owner Heather Taylor put the two together into this unique piece. To read more about her and her boyfriend you can read her blog, LA in Bloom, or take a look at the rest of their apartment here.

Wana see the place at night? I know you do…

I know, right? I would never leave my backyard…

Outdoor Lounge Chair

Done! Made this entire piece by hand… and no, not out of an ikea box. I mean wood, saws, drills, screws, stain, seal and even the cushion was hand sewn. No, I do not have a workshop, i built the whole thing on my porch. And no, I have never built furniture before or even sewn anything. It’s really not as hard as i thought it would be. It take a LOT of time for sure, but the number one resource – Check it out and you will be building your own furniture in no time!