Coral coral coral

I’m really digging me some coral lately. Im not much of a pink person so throwin a smidge of orange in there and it’s perfect!


Fabrics: Buy here and here

Pillows: Buy from here

White Coral: Find it here

Coral Frames: Found here

Coral Chest: Found here

Earrings: Buy them here

Pillows: Purchase here

All other photography found here, here, here, here and here!


Buy Gifts that Give Back!

Well Christmas is coming up and i though id throw together a good Christmas list for different types of interests. But instead of just buying crap that youll use once and forget about, heres some gifts that will actually make an impact globally.

For the techie:

The Charity:Water Jambox : $50 from every Jambox will go to Charity:Water.

HelloSomebody watches! Theres so many bright and beautiful colors and proceeds support boys in Rwanda.

For the Artist:

Makarios Prints by Esther Havens: Prices ranging from 25 – 500 bucks you can easily purchase one print in your budget! Each purchase helps support Makarios school in the Dominican Republic along with projects in Haiti and Sudan.

Krochet hats from Krochet Kids International! As much as i dont like winter, i love love the hats 🙂 I have two of these hats (one in yellow and one in ocean blue) and i LOVE them… so cute and colorful. Every hat is handmade in Uganda or Peru and creates jobs for hundreds of people. Help support them this Christmas!

For the Fashionista:

Sseko Sandals: This is one of my favorite pairs of sandals… Everywhere i go i get compliments on them. The best part is Sseko helps women in Uganda raise tuition money for their university education!

Noonday Collection Jewely & Accessories : Noonday Collection purchases fair trade products all over the globe to help create jobs.

For the person that has everything:

Buy them a brick! No, seriously. At Glimmer of Hope, they started a campaign where you buy one brick for 20 bucks.

Trust me, your friends and family will love knowing that they were able to help out in some way! Merry Christmas!


The Burning House

The fires that burned down 1500+ homes in Bastrop have been mostly contained.

You can find the photo source here.

My mother is a counselor, a nurse and incredibly compassionate. So of course she was one of the few people allowed in the burn area to help victims. She has seen a lot of pain after working in Shoal Creek, Austins main psych ward for many years but this was awful. She would drive the families to where they would pray their home would still be. They would drive up to a lot where there was nothing left but charcoal. One family had a trailer that melted in on itself. One of the homes she went to, she was asked to go check in the backyard for a beloved dog to see if he had made it. She wouldn’t even explain to me what was left.

All of this definitely left me remembering Matt 6:20. Do not store up your treasures on earth where fire destroys and theives break in and steal. But instead store up your treasures in heaven. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

When people would talk about what they wished they didn’t lose, it usually had nothing to do with value. It was a gift a friend gave them, a good book, an old picture, a favorite pair of shoes. Most items didnt hold any real value.

I recently stumbled upon a website called The Burning House, where people submit their “burning house” items -the items that they would take with them if their house was on fire. Its really interesting to look through these photographs and see what people value. Some are practical, some are valuable and some are sentimental.” What you would take reflects your interest, background and priorities.”

Good thing this teacher decided to save her beloved bunny!

If I had a Hasselblad, I’d save it too:

This next one was a husband and a wife duo. It was cute because they said ” we would both be carrying an end of the record player”If i have the time, I think I’m going to go through everything and decide what would make it out with me if I had the chance to save a few items. I think after the wedding, there might be a few more mementos that would be important for me to grab!

What would you save? What are priorities in your home?

Look through 300 lenses at once…

I suppose this is just photography day 🙂 I just stumbled across these images and was pretty floored. Initially i thought they were some sort of acrylic or oil painting. The artist, Switzerland-based Corinne Vionnet, conducts an online search and sifts through photo sharing sites and carefully layers 200-300 photos on top of one another until she gets her desired result.

Its pretty amazing – you can see silhouettes of hundred of figures and unique angles. It so interesting that you are looking through hundreds of lenses at the same moment…

Check out other work at


abby try again

I always adore local austin artists so I always enjoy finding new ones! Abby has never taken any photography classes but one day just decided to pick up a vintage camera and start shooting… I love the small glimpse into her quirky life! Check her out at or her blog here.

And if theres any Austinites reading, she is hosting an event at West Elm on Sat the 26th from 1-6 that i am definitely going to have to check out!



Check out Photojojo… if you are a photographer or know a photographer (come on, who doesnt these days?) then you should check out this site. It has everything from fun cameras, unique frames and photo related toys! For example:

Yes, this is a mug. The details on it are crazy and you can even switch the autofocus switch and theres a lens-cap lid! Rock!


Or this White Balance Lens cap….  super easy to use and consistent white balance every time.  And from Photojojo :

Note: You may look a little silly setting your white balance by taking a photo with your lens cap still on, but the results are worth it. We promise.

It’s basically like B&H Photo’s 5 year old son. Not for professional camera buying but lots of silly toys!

So sometimes i’m girlie…

But i LOVE these!

Yes that is right – girlie camera bags. and i love them. I guess that means I’m not a true tomboy anymore. Dont worry – I wouldn’t use this for a professional photoshoot or when I’m running around in the Dominican Republic or China… but going out with my ladies and snappin a few shots – i say this is a mighty stylish way to do so. It’s definitely a great Christmas present idea for any of your incredibly awesome yet stylish photographer friends you might have… (hint hint, *wink wink) Especially this one…

or this one…

this is almost painful to admit.


So i thought i would share my other blog with you… *GASP!* She has a life outside of RadDesign?! It’s true… actually my interest in interior design came from my background in photography and graphic design. So i thought i would share my other sites so you can cruise around and check out what i do when i’m not staring at a computer screen or building random furniture.

BLOG: My photo blog is where I’ll be posting recent projects, inspiration, travel photography and really whatever is going on in that realm of my life. Jump over there and check it out!

GALLERY: Soon to be updated (this month hopefully!) to a more cohesive site where you can get on my blog, buy images or even log in (if you want to be one of my oh so sweet clients!)

So check them out and let me know what you think! Brutal honesty is always appreciated 🙂