Porch: Completed

I’m going to officially say the porch is complete. For now. Theres a few things that need updating but for now…  I adore it. Maggie also wanted to model for you guys her usual chill spot. She likes to watch the runners and the other puppies. So cute!

Future updates:

– Carpet. Obviously. This carpet is an INDOOR carpet. Talk about eww. Its a good temporary but after i also dumped paint on it, its lookin pretty sketch town.

– Pillows. The pillows are all also indoor pillows which means they wont hold up for too long. The seat pillows were hand sewn with outdoor fabric and outdoor foam so those are going to hold up for years. Read my post here about how my mother and I tackled my first ever sewing project (pajama pants in 5th grade excluded). Someday I’ll save up the cash to sew maybe 6 large squishy pillows and maybe a few accent ones. Until then, we’ve got these succas.

Why, hello puppy!



Planty McPlanterson

I love roadkill. Not the animal variety. More like the free stuff variety. I was cruisin around with a friend the other day and found a bunch of crap scattered around two awesome pots! Well one awesome small one and one less awesome large one. Enter spray paint. Makes a not so awesome pot into super rad one.

First off, i primed the piece with white. The maroon was so dark it would take 57 layers of blue to hide the dark undercolor.

Speaking of road kill, i was leaving my church the other day and they were getting rid of old plants and updating. Of course i asked them what they were going to do with the old ones.. once i heard they were headed to the trash, i grabbed them! So now i have ANOTHER tree on the porch and a few other little bushes and odds and ends. Even the aloe i got for free from Kenny’s mom. She had a pot that was getting out of control so i stole a few lil dudes and planted them. Its been slow going getting those roots to stick but I’ve started to see some new buds coming in! Whoot!

Aint she pretty? Not bad for a free pot with a free tree in it.

Here is the already super awesome pot. Its ceramic in a funky green with a rounded square top. Love it! I figured i should throw a new mint plant into the mint green pot!

Speaking of plants, i LOVE me some Mountain Laurels. When those trees start blooming its officially the announcement of spring. If your state doesnt have them, its a shame. They smell GLORIOUS. Seriously. In fact, all while they are blooming, i always grab a bloom and throw it in my car for the best air freshener ever. This year, i decided if my car gets to smell amazeballs then our apartment should too. I just grabbed a bowl and threw a few in there. It seriously smells like grape soda… but like 50X better.

And they are just so pretty!

In fact, i love mountain laurels so much, i bought one! Its a mini one and they are slloooooow growers, but check it! I already got some buds! It was pretty funny to come home and walk in with a tree. Pretty sure Kenny didnt know what to say on that one.

Oh how i love the spring!


Top Ten

Introducing: Top Ten! A series featuring top tens. Top ten what? Who knows. Top ten printmaking artists, top ten high heels, top ten product designs… top ten ways to go bungee jumping. Who knows. Thats the fun of it. Enjoy!

What the heck is that? Dwell Creative? Who knows. We might find out soon. Maybe. Anyway, on with the list!

1. First off, i have no idea how long this fake-animal-head-on-the-wall fad is going to last.. but i like it. Much better than read dead animals. Eww. Anyway, isnt this just the freakin coolest thing in the world? The polygon double deer is by the artist Koehi Nawa who has much more incredible work on his site. Considering this is the only piece in existence (for now), im pretty sure it would be pretty dang expensive.

2 & 3. Ok, doesnt that picture just make you want to go buy everything? It does for me. Atleast the poufs and the geometric side table. Both are from Crate and Barrel. I just love the bold colors and modern Moroccan look! Turns out the poufs are made in Minnesota. Not so much Moroccan. Still love them.

4. This sectional from CB2. Considering i have a huge maroon couch, I’m dreaming of a nice grey or neutral couch i could sink into. Im not dissing our couch, its just really hard to match with maroon! Just sayin.

5. I’ve been eyeing the arc floor lamp for years now. Love the 70s look while its great for saving on floor space. Also from Crate and Barrel.

6. I love that all you need is a throw pillow or two to completely change a room. Especially if its a few Caitlin Wilson Textiles pillows. ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE! Ok no really, its just i love the colors and patterns. Its not like its a unicorn or something.

7. First off, let me just say that i am an artist without an easel. That is not ok. Second, isn’t this the coolest freakin easel you’ve ever seen? Its freakin clear! Love it. Damn you, CB2.

8. If you ever read my blog, i might have posted about these rugs 2 days ago. But they are just so beautiful to my eyes! Amy Butler. Always rocking my face off with her awesome patterns and colors.

9. You always need a good painting. Even if its a print of a good painting. At 300 bucks, its a bit pricy for a print. Ok its overpriced. But i still like it. Its better than the 3,000 painting I was going to put up. Ok so i swear im not sponsored by C&B but for some reason it sounds like i am. funny how stuff turns out.

10. I love plants. Even though i always end up killing them. I still love them and attempt to keep them around. Found out that i have 17 plants in our little one bedroom apartment. I’m telling you, i love me some plants. Especially succulents. Especially succulents in adorable terrariums from Zgallerie.

Whelp, there was the first ever Top Ten! I suppose it should have been Top Ten Crate and Barrel finds.. but I’m not going back now! By the way… its 2am and I literally haven’t stopped working since 10 this morning. Thats what happens when i sleep in… i stay up! Ok, ok, finally headed to bed! G’night! Err… morning…

Midnight Pinning

Ok, so i thought id post what images ive been drooling over these days….

Oh man, i am so in love with these tables… Youve got function, comfort and storage! Doesnt this space just look cozy? Thank the beautiful Jane over at ModernJaneDesign for the lovely image.

How about a wonderful Ikea hack!

Wow! i love this… beautiful way to hide a not so beautiful printer. Run over to PB&JStories for the full run down. This shot made me run straight to Craigstlist to look for a good piece for my office… no luck yet.

Garden for my apartment? Yes please…

Oh my goodness, im in love with this outdoor garden. Im pretty sure its perfect for an apartment. I’ve been dreaming of starting my own apartment sized veggie garden. Maybe i could hack or track down something similar and get started! How lovely would that be to just walk out onto your porch for some fresh carrots and peas?! Too bad i still have a black thumb. One step at a time. This beaut was found over at Flor e Ser.

What have you been digging lately?